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Terrazza Bosquet, Sorrento

Piazza Tasso, 34, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy
Terrazza Bosquet Review
5 Star Rating
17 September 2014Terrazza BosquetTags: Sorrento, Italy, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £98 per head

Hidden inside the glorious Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, the Terrazza Bosquet is a simply magical place to dine. Granted, there is no shortage of fine dining experiences to be enjoyed in the city of Sorrento itself, but while you’re staying, you owe it to yourself to indulge here, both for the experience and for the delicious food.

The layout of the restaurant lends itself well to privacy, with hidden alcoves and a rich, elegant atmosphere that will leave you intoxicated simply by being within the walls of the place. It manages to be both spacious and intimate in the same moment, and you can enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner in a secluded alcove, or out on the patio, overlooking the sea.

"More than just a meal, dining at Terrazza Bosquet is a culinary adventure!"

Led by Michelin starred Chef Luigi Tramontano, the staff of the Terrazza Bosquet will take you on a culinary adventure, the food is sublime. There’s simply no other word that describes it.

We opted for a candlelit alcove at the front of the terrace with a long view of the ocean. The décor of the place, combined with the beautiful vistas created an atmosphere that was tremendously romantic, and made it the perfect setting to share a meal with a loved one.

We decided on the tasting menu, Our feast began with stewed salt cod with smoked black tea, served with fried semolina croutons and a glass of Villa Rose Brut.

The medley of mushrooms came next, and I was truly looking forward to these. Mushrooms Millefeuille, red prawns and chives, a jelly cube and fried mushrooms, mushrooms Ragout and Porcini ice cream, and English sauce with mushrooms, served with a delightful 2013 Campi Flegheri Falanghina Colle Imperatric.

I was a bit skeptical of the Violet potato gnocchetti, razor clams, tarragon and caviar, but need not have been. It actually turned out to be one of my favorites, and the 2008 Falerno Del Massico Vigna Caracci, set it off nicely.

Next came the Gragnano “candele” pasta, filled with Neapolitan style “Genovese” sauce, onions and beef Ragout. Simply delicious with the 2010 Soave Classico Vigneto Du Lot.

Then was the pan friend John Dory fillet with lemon confit, and white and green asparagus, served with the 2013 Costa D’Amalfi Rosato.

I was especially anxious to try the veal shank with fragrant fresh lemon and nutmeg, red prawns and a broccoli croquette, this enjoyed with a glass 2013 Greco Di Tufo Vigna Cicogna. Positively delicious, all around.

Finally, the “Symphony of Autumn,” which consists of a chestnut tart, hazelnut mousse, pomegranate sorbet and persimmon sauce with a lovely 2010 Costa D’Amalfi Furore Riserva.

The food was perfectly prepared, gloriously full of flavor, and beautifully presented. If you’ve not experienced fine dining at this level, then you’re in for a real treat. It is an experience not to be missed.

You should plan to linger over dinner, too. There’s no need to rush, and after a day spent exploring the city of Sorrento, Terrazza Bosquet is the perfect setting to wind down in and reflect on the day’s adventures.

After dinner, you may want to stroll through the hotel to take in the sweep of history that the place represents, there are few things better than a stroll through a citrus grove after an exquisite meal, and the beauty of this place is that you can have all that, and more, without ever leaving the grounds.

Italy is famous for many things, its food included, but if you’re looking to have a dinner experience, rather than simply enjoy a meal, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Terrazza Bosquet. From the moment you are seated, through every bite of your meal, and while lingering over a glass of wine at the end of the meal, you’ll be positively enchanted.

Photos courtesy of Terrazza Bosquet
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