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Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Sorrento

Piazza Tasso, 34, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy
Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria Review
5 Star Rating
17 September 2014Grand Hotel Excelsior VittoriaTags: Sorrento, Italy, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £280 per night

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria lives up to its lofty name in so many ways that it simply staggers the imagination. When one realises the full breadth and scope of history that has played out on the grounds where the hotel sits, one cannot help but feel a sense of wonder, even when doing nothing more than wandering the halls of the majestic place.

Itís not so much a place to sleep as it is an experience in its own right, and it must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

"A fabulous, enchanting hotel in a storybook setting."

Set aside the lush, gorgeous Mediterranean gardens that the traditional hotel entrance naturally guides you to, the frescoed ceilings and ornate, 18th century column work, as well as the impressive collection of antiques proudly on display through the hotel.

Those are just trappings, captivating trappings, to be sure, but the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is so much more than simply these. It is a place of magic and timeless wonder.

During our stay, our deluxe room was traditional with high ceiling, sumptuously appointed and the very definition of elegance and comfort. Even better was the fact that it offered an incredible view of Naples in the distance, and the sparkling Mediterranean from high atop the cliffs. While there, we availed ourselves of the excellent cuisine of Terrazza bosquet.

As lovely as the hotel is, resist the temptation to stay indoors and enjoy all that it offers. The city of Sorrento awaits your exploration and discovery. Spend the day soaking up the Mediterranean sun and making memories in the city that lies just beyond the hotel walls.

Photos courtesy of Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria
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