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Le Palme of Masseria Maizza, Puglia

C.da Coccaro, 70015 Savelletri di Fasano BR, Italy
Le Palme of Masseria Maizza Review
5 Star Rating
15 September 2014Le Palme of Masseria MaizzaTags: Puglia, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £89 per head

Le Palme of Masseria Maizza is a charming restaurant, which can be found located in the Masseria Torre Maizza hotel in Puglia, Italy. The surroundings of Puglia are simply stunning, and this restaurant is a great place to indulge in some authentic Italian cuisine.

“The staff were extremely efficient, and an absolute credit to the restaurant.”

The restaurant itself is situated within a gorgeous room in the resort’s ancient stables. The room boasts a very grand fireplace, and has a good view over the pool and to the further Puglia landscape.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a welcoming host, who showed us to our table, and presented us with our menu and wine list. We were impressed by the menu, which featured plenty of traditional Puglia dishes.

For our starters, we decided to try the stuffed aubergines with warm burratina cheese, served on a tomato and basil sauce; as well as the mint flavoured taglioni noodles with scissor lobster, rosti and soy beans. To accompany our starters, we enjoyed a glass of the 2012 Chardonnay, IGT, Tormaresca.

The dishes were simply superb, and we were left in great anticipation of our main course.

For the main event, we chose the grilled beef fillet, which came served with a Primitivo red wine and apricot sauce, celery and potatoes; as well as the freshly caught sea bream served with rustic mashed potatoes and courgette chips. With our mains, we had a glass of the 2012 Neprica, IGT, Tormaesca – which consisted of a 60% Primitivo, 20% Negroamaro, and 20% Sauvignon blend.

Both the food and wine were excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Le Palme of Masseria Maizza. It comes highly recommended by us as a fantastic restaurant that epitomises everything beautiful about Puglia. We would certainly look to return when we’re next in the area. We would like to note that the staff were extremely efficient, and an absolute credit to the restaurant.

Photos courtesy of Le Palme of Masseria Maizza
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