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Abode Manchester

107 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2DB, UK
Abode Manchester Review
4 Star Rating
11 July 2014Abode ManchesterTags: Manchester, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £275 per night

We are no stranger to the Abode chain. So far the experience had been mixed, so we entered the Manchester venue with an open mind.

The location is a nice one, on Piccadilly, in Manchester city centre. The building is an old Victorian style with red stone and large windows. From the outside, it looks like a lovely old building that promises much.

The decoration is a mix of old and new. The construction is old, with many of the period features left exposed, like the cornicing, doorways, windows, high ceilings and doors. Then, within that, is the modern. Contemporary furniture, colours and fittings sit inside the period surrounding. It works pretty well, and had the place been in better condition, it would have been great.

"Overall, our experience at the ABode in Manchester was a positive one."

We had a suite, named ďMilesĒ after a local artist. there are five of these suites, all named after local artists, a nice touch. The room was huge, and offered a great view of the city from the large windows. Floor space was vast in the bedroom, the bathroom was also roomy.

The suite was all wood and white paint. It had a laminate floor that echoed with every step but gave a modern, airy look. I pitied those staying below, for a few seconds at least. The ceilings were high and the suite had a nice, relaxed feel to it. It didnít exactly ooze character, it seemed a little austere, but it was still nice.

The highlight for me was the ceiling mounted cinema screen and projector. This was the sort of thing I would like at home, and although it seemed a little overkill for a hotel room, was a nice touch. The quality was great once the lights were down. I could have stayed in that night and watched a movie or two instead of going out. That wasnít to be unfortunately, but itís definitely a tick in the box for ABode.

The other highlight was the bed. It was large, comfy and well appointed. The mattress was thick and comfortable without being too soft. Many hotels err on the side of comfort and fit those ridiculously soft mattresses that make you sink in the middle. This was no such thing. It was just the right combination of firm support and comfort. I slept well that night.

The bathroom was equally well appointed, with a bath and shower. There was plenty of hot water, and I spent ages under the torrent in the shower. The towels were thick and luxurious and leeched the water from me as only hotel towels can.

Despite being so close to the city centre, the room was pretty quiet. Road noise was minimal, and didnít deter from the atmosphere at all.

We had plans for the evening so we didnít eat in the restaurant. We did peek in though and saw quite a busy dining room. There seemed to be a lot of staff around, but the diners seemed happy enough.

Overall, our experience at the ABode in Manchester was a positive one. The hotel is clean, tidy, and apart from needing a little freshening up, is nice. The staff were friendly, helpful and had a ready smile whenever there was a customer around.

Photos courtesy of Abode Manchester
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