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James Martin at The Talbot Hotel, Malton

Yorkersgate, Malton, Yorkshire YO17 7AJ, UK
James Martin at The Talbot Hotel Review
5 Star Rating
13 November 2014James Martin at The Talbot HotelTags: Malton, UK, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £87 per head

Located inside Talbot Hotel in Malton, we had the pleasure of dining at the James Martin Restaurant. You will probably have heard of James Martin, the well-known celebrity chef with a great reputation as a chef.

He started his TV career starring on various cooking shows displaying his cooking skills with an emphasis on Yorkshire cuisine. He took his passion for using local produce and creating award winning dishes, and set up a kitchen in the Talbot Hotel in 2012.

Experiencing dishes created by James is a pleasure, and dining in a large historic building at the heart of Yorkshire adds authenticity to the feel. The dining room has a very traditional feel and is well presented.

We ordered a bottle of wine to start the proceedings, Mas de la Tour, a dry, red berry fruit flavour with a smooth, balanced structure. A nice all-rounder for to accompany the tasting menu.

“We had a very enjoyable evening.”

The first dish from the tasting menu was the Goat’s Cheese Mousse. A smooth textured mousse, with Salt Baked Garden Beets, and Soured Beetroot Juice. A tasty introduction to some of the local produce the kitchen is so proud of mentioning.

The second dish was Roast East Coast Cod. Very delicious with ingredients procured from the east coast fishing market in Yorkshire. It was a supreme serving of cod, with Poached Mussels, Parsnip, Kales, and Cider Vinegar.

For the third dish we were served Waterford Farm Pork. Tender Loin and Braised Cheek, Black Pudding, and Burnt Apple.

Fourth and fifth dishes were desserts, we had a Douglas Fir Pine Sorbet, with Braeaburn Apple, and walnut. And, a Milk Chocolate Ganache with Plums and Aerated Chocolate. Both excellent dishes, rich in flavour and very enjoyable.

We had a very enjoyable evening. The dishes were wonderfully presented and tasted delicious. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling through.

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Photos courtesy of James Martin at The Talbot Hotel
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