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    Fonteverde Tuscan Resort Spa, Bagni Review

    Località Terme, 1, 53040 San Casciano dei Bagni SI, Italy
    Fonteverde Tuscan Resort Spa Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Bagni, Italy, Resort reviewsThe Bill: £280 per night

    Fonteverde can be found in the beautiful region of Tuscany. This resort-style hotel is a huge property boasting several swimming pools.

    When we arrived, we admired our surroundings before being checked in. During our visit we experienced a suite, which was very spacious and offered a separate living area and bedroom. Our room also boasted a large terrace with two chairs, delivering wonderful views over the surrounding area and rolling hilltops. The bathroom was well equipped, offering all the amenities you would expect from a good hotel.

    “Tuscany is a beautiful place, and you can expect wonderful views staying at Fonteverde.”

    However, although the hotel itself isn’t quite as luxurious as one might expect for a five-star hotel, the facilities are actually very good. It is worth noting however, that during the weekends they open up some of the pool areas to the local people, and it can get rather crowded.

    During the busier periods, we would recommend making the most of the hotel’s spa facilities; which are very good. They have an excellent range of treatments available, to help you relax and escape the mayhem.

    Fonteverde’s restaurant Ferdinando offers guests a pleasant dining options. There is a large terrace, which offers a beautiful spot from which to to enjoy lunch and admire the views.

    The staff at Fonteverde are friendly, welcoming and efficient. They are certainly a credit to the hotel, and offered us all the help and information we needed throughout our visit.

    We did enjoy our stay at Fonteverde, and although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend Fonteverde for a traditional luxury hotel experience, it is a great place to bring children - just perhaps not ideal for a romantic getaway.

    Tuscany is a beautiful place, and you can expect wonderful views staying at Fonteverde. We would certainly recommend you experienced a suite, if you are to visit, as our terrace was a wonderful place to relax.

    Photos courtesy of Fonteverde Tuscan Resort Spa

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    Service: 8reviews of Fonteverde Tuscan Resort SpaLocation: 9Fonteverde Tuscan Resort Spa reviewsValue: 7Fonteverde Tuscan Resort SpaStyle: 7Fonteverde Tuscan Resort Spa reviewQuality: 7
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