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Afternoon Tea at Gilpin Hotel, Windermere

Crook Road, Windermere, Cumbria LA23 3NE, UK
Afternoon Tea at Gilpin Hotel Review
5 Star Rating
2 July 2015Afternoon Tea at Gilpin Hotel
Tags: Windermere, UK, Afternoon tea reviewsThe Bill: £39 per head

It was a cold winter's afternoon, a sprinkling of snow adorned the grass as we spent the morning casually meandering around the grounds of Gilpin Hotel admiring their ever attentive alpacas.

A little shudder from the cold came over my body and I had the overwhelming urge to kick my boots off, curl up by the fire, get cosy and eat cake. I respectfully refrained from kicking my boots off, but the Gilpin Hotel managed to more than satisfy my other desires.

As we made our way through Gilpin's numerous lounges we came to settle on a sumptuous sofa in front of a roaring fire. Whilst I was secretly still contemplating curling up, we were served two glasses of Veuve Doussot Brut Rosť N.V. Champagne, the ideal aperitif to bubble me back to life.

"Beautiful food in beautiful surroundings"

We were only one drink into our experience and I could already tell that the afternoon tea service was going to be flawless as staff were attentive without being imposing. As soon as the last drop of champagne slid down our throats we were offered the tea menu. We decided to try the Farrer's Lakeland tea, which seemed very appropriate due to it being specially blended for the Lake District.

This was served along with an immaculately presented selection of sandwiches. It's perhaps a little difficult to comprehend the words immaculate and sandwich in the same sentence but try to imagine a perfectly cut finger sandwich, delicate, sponge like bread, a little filling showing from the side but not hideously oozing out. The fillings were traditional favourites done well, Cream Cheese and Cucumber, Roast Beef and Horseradish, and Smoked Salmon. There was also another little surprise before I could satisfy my desire for cake, this was a Smoked Salmon Moose with Brioche.

The savoury selection of the afternoon tea had more than surpassed expectations and next it was time to satisfy my sweet tooth. We were delighted when several warm fruit scones arrived straight from the oven, followed promptly by a selection of cakes. The scones were divine, the memory of them is making my mouth water, served with clotted cream and jam they truly were the height of indulgence. The grand finale was the eagerly anticipated homemade cakes, these change daily but I do hope on your visit you get to experience the White Chocolate Cheesecake, heaven!

With my bottom firmly nestled into the sofa I could have easily spent the rest of the day next to the fire but we decided to make our way back outside for another walk around the grounds. We are more than happy to recommend Gilpin Hotel for anyone looking for afternoon tea in the Lake District, they serve beautiful food in beautiful surroundings, what more could you ask for.

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