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    Hotel Bristol, Vienna Review

    Kärntner Ring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
    Hotel Bristol Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Vienna, Austria, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £410 per night

    Hotel Bristol can be found located just opposite the State Opera in Vienna - you couldn't ask for a better location if you're looking to embrace the city.

    As soon as we arrived at Hotel Bristol and entered through the hotel’s revolving doors we are shown through to reception where we were welcomed, checked in, and shown on our way to our Opera Suite on the first floor. We were intrigued by the name and excited to explore our suite.

    Hotel Bristol, Vienna Hotel Bristol, Vienna Hotel Bristol, Vienna

    Upon entering the Opera Suite we enjoyed taking our time walking down the long corridor which eventually took us into the living area of our suite. Of course, the first thing we noticed here was the balcony which - as the name of the suite might have given away - just happens to be facing the State Opera hall. The doors were flung open as we rushed to admire the view. Offering impressive 180 degree views across the surrounding area.

    “The Opera Suite offers impressive 180 degree views across the surrounding area.”

    We finally drew ourselves away from the view and back inside to discover its charm. We decide to make good use of the coffee machine and opted for a short and sharp espresso to kick things off. As well as the coffee machine, the living area also includes a sofa, arm chairs, a coffee table, and a large dining table along with a couple of side units. The décor throughout is a deep dark red which can also be found across the fixtures and fittings. The walls are adorned with art, some of which play homage to this vibrant musical city.

    Hotel Bristol, Vienna Hotel Bristol, Vienna Hotel Bristol, Vienna

    We managed to find our way through to the bedroom, which is located through a secret door designed and completed with the same fabric wallpaper found on the surrounding walls. The bedroom offers a continuation of the suite’s interior décor and boasts a king sized bed and plump pillows, numerous wardrobes and drawers and a flat screen TV.

    Through the bedroom you will find a toilet and separate bathroom which is a little on the small side. There is, however, another shower room near the entrance of the suite.

    The hotel itself offers a good size fitness room with impressive views over the city, a small business centre and their restaurant which is known as the Bristol Lounge. The restaurant is casual, yet in-keeping with the rest of the hotel.

    Hotel Bristol, Vienna Hotel Bristol, Vienna Hotel Bristol, Vienna

    The historic stair case of the hotel is well worth a walk up, as you can really embrace the history of this building, the polished gold banister still has the marks from where the soldiers used to rest their guns when standing on the staircase.

    The concierge team are a true credit to the hotel and plenty of suggestions and recommendations are on hand for anyone stuck for activities in this beautiful city.

    Photos courtesy of Hotel Bristol
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