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British Airways, London to Vienna

British Airways, London to Vienna Review

Recently we flew with British Airways on a flight from London Heathrow to Vienna. For this particular flight we opted to fly under BA’s Club Europe class which boasts some rather impressive perks. These perks begin from the moment you arrive at the airport. With priority bag drop and priority security you can forget about queuing altogether.

Once we were swiftly airside, we were thrilled to enjoy access to the British Airways airport lounge, which is an impressive space offering a great escape from the cacophony of the airport terminal. Along with comfortable sofas and chairs we enjoyed a vast selection of complimentary drinks and snacks ranging from soft drinks and tea and coffee to an impressive selection of wine and spirits. Since we were on an early flight we managed to catch the breakfast offering, which consisted of bacon-baps, cereal, porridge and fruit and yogurts. Everything was freshly prepared and couldn’t be faulted. The lounge has a friendly army of staff who were great at ensuring that guests were happy and that the space was cleaned promptly where necessary.

“The Club Europe class is a good in-between option that offers an abundance of upgrades on the normal economy experience”

When it was time to board our flight, we were once again met with the glorious concept of not having to queue - utilising the priority boarding benefits the British Airways Club Europe class provided. Being one of the first people to board the aircraft made the entire process a lot less stressful than flying economy, and we were also greeted with very spacious seats. We also enjoyed complimentary drinks throughout the flight as well as a choice of meals.

Once we arrived in Vienna, we were pleased to see our suitcases as one of the first to arrive at the baggage reclaim having been marked as priority, which made the beginning of our trip an absolute breeze.

We would certainly recommend British Airways Club Europe class to anyone looking to travel to a European destination. Although the flight is not lengthy and therefore does not necessarily require a first or business class ticket, the Club Europe class is a good in-between option that offers an abundance of upgrades on the normal economy experience. Certainly not having to queue in the airport and being one of the first people to both board the plane and also receive our luggage on the other side made for a relaxed and easy journey, and actually one that we actually hugely enjoyed.

British Airways flies from London Heathrow and London Gatwick to Vienna, with fares starting from £82 return. To book visit

Photos courtesy of British Airways, London to Vienna

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