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Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo

100 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, 93405, USA
Madonna Inn Review
4 Star Rating
19 April 2014Madonna InnTags: San Luis Obispo, USA, Resort reviewsThe Bill: £250 per night

The Madonna Inn is located in the heart of Central Coast, near downtown San Louis Obispo, this hotel is a must visit for lovers of vintage, kitsch and OTT!

The décor inside the hotel itself is memorable, for being an acquired taste. ‘Flamboyant’ is one word to describe it, and we would definitely say that it holds the Marmite factor – you will either love it, or hate it. Especially if you prefer a hotel with more traditional luxuries, you may fail to see the charm and embrace The Madonna Inn, however, it’s still a popular destination, and one we were looking forward to experiencing. We arrived with an open mind.

“If you’re looking for somewhere a bit different, then we would suggest that this hotel is certainly for you!”

During our time there, we stayed in the Austrian Suite, which would be the perfect room choice for those who prefer the Inn’s more classic side. The suite is the closest thing to classic luxury that the The Madonna Inn has to offer. It has a beautiful European style bed headboard, and a couple of stunning antique sofas. The carpet certainly does not want to be ignored, being loud and proud!

We were pleased to take advantage of the suite’s two balconies, where we spent a lovely time in the evening watching the sunset.

As well as interesting interiors, the hotel also boasts a good range of spa facilities, as well as a gym, a beach-entry pool and two whirlpool spas. You can also enjoy a spot of tennis or basketball on the courts, and there are options for horseback riding as well as biking, alongside the more traditional spa treatments.

We enjoyed our stay at The Madonna Inn, and although we wouldn’t describe it as the most traditional of luxury hotels, it’s certainly fun. If you’re looking for somewhere a bit different, then we would suggest that this hotel is certainly for you!

Photos courtesy of Madonna Inn
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