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    Boulevard, San Francisco

    1 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
    Boulevard Review
    4 Star Rating
    7 June 2016Boulevard
    Tags: San Francisco, USA, Casual reviewsThe Bill: 82 per head

    Boulevard is located in the financial district of San Francisco where you are treated to impressive views over the bay, the restaurant is overseen by Chef Nancy Oakes. We had a large booth-style table which really made our experience special, and gave us an area of calm in an otherwise bustling dining room. Its a large restaurant with an intriguing menu, the presentation of the dishes can only be described as beautiful.

    We started with two glasses of Prosecco, DOC, Extra Dry, Zuccolo, Veneto, Brut N.V, a fresh, dry, fruity choice.

    To begin, I ordered the Crab and Avocado, this dish comprised of hand picked local Dungeness Crab, Hearts of Palm and Coconut Crema, Gooseberries and White Turmeric. The Crab was tender and the seasoning gave this dish a lot of flavours to explore. My partner ordered the Ahi Tuna, comprising of Nopales, Pasilla, Hearts of Palm and Watermelon Radish Slaw, Cara Cara Orange and Cumin Oil, Avocado, and Taro Crisp. An eclectic range of flavours, all working perfectly to make a complete and enjoyable dish.

    The bar was set high from our first course.

    For our main course I ordered the Wild King Salmon, served with English Peas, Minnesota Wild Rice, Hearts of Palm and Fresh Japanese Horseradish, Watercress and Pea Shoots, Lemon, and Sumac. The Salmon was a superb cut, very fresh, and the centerpiece of the dish with the accompanying flavours complementing the Salmon. My partner ordered the Angus Filet, served with Crushed Olive Oil Potato with Soft Fennel, Leeks, and Arugula Marinated Fingerling Potato, Broccoli and Kale al Limone, Sauteed Rapini Golden Enoki Mushroom Relish, and Jus. A great deal of preparation went into this dish, Incredibly satisfying, the Filet was gorgeous and all of the flavours were on-point.

    Our chosen wine for the evening was a bottle of 2014, Cotes-du-Rhone, Saint Cosme, Rhone, France. A dark red wine with strong plum notes, and aromas of Berries and Licorice. The bar was set high from our first course and each dish was more impressive as the evening progressed, if youre looking for a real sense of San Francisco, Boulevard delivers.

    Photos courtesy of Boulevard
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