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Villa Spalletti Trivelli, Rome

Via Piacenza, 4, 00184, Italy
Villa Spalletti Trivelli Review
5 Star Rating
19 September 2014Villa Spalletti TrivelliTags: Rome, Italy, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £280 per night

When in Rome, as the saying goes, do as the Romans do. These are wise words, and cut to the very heart of a stay at the Villa Spalletti Trivelli. Understand that this is a privately owned hotel, opened to the traveling public. It is an enormous, sprawling place with its own private grounds and gardens, making it a veritable oasis nestled in the heart of Rome, a ten minute walk to the Coliseum, and five minutes to the Trevi fountains.

Regardless of which room you decide on, you’ll find it to be tastefully decorated with a rich, traditional and luxuriant feel. This was certainly true of our room, the Parione, which had a balcony that overlooked a quiet portion of the city. Best of all, the same family that owns the Villa also owns the Pomario Vineyards, and all of their wine come from their own vineyard, giving you a unique taste of Italy.

“Simple, traditional elegance and beauty in the heart of Rome”

Complimentary spirits and drinks are offered from 5pm, which can be enjoyed on the rooftop terrace that offers sublime views of the city. The Villa does not have its own restaurant, but guests can indulge in a small-but-excellent selection of dishes that have been specially paired with wines from the family vineyard. In our case, our tasting consisted of a plate of prosciutto with mozzarella and tomatoes, followed by an utterly delicious plate of homemade ravioli with a simple, flavorful tomato sauce.

The Villa is not distinguished by its lavish elegance, but rather by its understated beauty. This point is reinforced everywhere you go, and everywhere you look, from the décor of your room, to the interior of the public areas of the Villa, to the grounds and gardens, and yes, even to the cooking, which is simple but very satisfying.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind place to stay that will awe you with its quiet beauty, and is centrally located to all the sites you’re likely to want to see while you’re in Rome, then you need look no further than the Villa Spalletti Trivelli. As hotels go, there are few finer. It will wrap you in its warm embrace as you drift off to sleep, and charm you with its traditional, understated elegance whilst you’re awake. A simply sublime place to stay.

Photos courtesy of Villa Spalletti Trivelli
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