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    Belvedere Restaurant, Ravello Review

    Piazza San Giovanni del Toro 2, 84010 Ravello, Italy
    Belvedere Restaurant Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Ravello, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £89 per head

    The Belvedere Restaurant can be found at the wonderful Hotel Caruso overlooking the Amalfi Coast. In terms of location, this restaurant has to be up there with some of the top contenders for the best view. With uninterrupted views of this gorgeous coastline, it's worth a trip simply to experience the views.

    During a recent visit to Hotel Caruso, we simply couldn't resist an evening at the Belvedere Restaurant, and we're very pleased that we didn't pass up on the opportunity. From the moment we stepped foot in the restaurant, the staff made it abundantly clear that they truly do know the meaning of the word hospitality, and throughout the entire evening we were left wanting for nothing.

    The Belvedere Restaurant serves up beautiful, Italian dishes, these dishes are nothing short of perfection, with the team utilising local produce and creating masterful cuisine.

    To begin our evening, we chose to indulge in a couple of pre-dinner aperitifs. I chose their classic Negroni, which saw bitter Campari mixed with sweet vermouth and gin. This classic was perfectly prepared, and an absolute joy to sip. My partner chose the Wagner cocktail, which was a mix of limoncello, lemon vodka, lemon sorbet, fresh mint and sweet sparkling wine - if you could summarise the Amalfi Coast in one drink, then this would be it.

    "In terms of location, this restaurant has to be up there with some of the top contenders for the best view."

    For our starters, I chose the pumpkin cream with boletus mushrooms and almond brittle, served with shrimp. This was most delicious and full of rich flavours that complimented the delicate seafood perfectly. My partner chose the paccheri pasta which was served with a veal ragout and lemon pesto. The pasta, as expected, was simply exquisite, and the lemon pesto added an additional level of outstanding flavour.

    For our main courses, after much debate I decided on the seared John Dory fillet served with persimmon compote, sea asparagus and a pomegranate sauce. I have never experienced John Dory with pomegranate as a flavour combination, but it provided the perfect fresh, sharp and sweet accompaniment that was really quite impressive. My partner went for the roasted sucking pig fillet with bacon and annurca apple puree, chestnuts and spinach. The pork was cooked to perfection and the puree was a distinct highlight.

    For our desserts, I opted for the Il Limone di Amalfi, which saw lemon mousse with a liquid centre, complete with basil biscuit and lemon ice cream, finished with a ginger dressing. It was the perfect combination of refreshing indulgence, and I would happily return simply for another taste of this mousse. My partner chose the selection of sorbet, which included lemon, vanilla and strawberry, which were simply beautiful.

    Throughout our evening, we also thoroughly enjoyed a bottle of the 2015 Viticoltori de Conciliis Aglianico Naima Paestum IGT, Campania, Italy.

    Overall we had a wonderful evening at the Belvedere Restaurant, which certainly comes highly recommended by us as a most wonderful option for dinner if you happen to be on the Amalfi Coast or staying at Hotel Caruso. We will certainly be returning, and for us, the sooner the better.

    Photos courtesy of Belvedere Restaurant

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