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Pescheria da Vito, Puglia

Contrada Masciola, 72015 Sevelletri, Fasano BR, Italy
Pescheria da Vito Review
5 Star Rating
16 September 2014Pescheria da VitoTags: Puglia, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £52 per head

Pescheria da Vito can be found at the beach club of the gorgeous Borgo Egnazia resort. Located on the cliff edge, overlooking the bay, this is the most relaxing spot. It’s absolutely ideal for a spot of sunbathing, before climbing down the cliff into the ocean for a swim.

The restaurant itself is a covered area, with wonderful views. It is a casual dining restaurant, so it is absolutely ideal for a light supper, or a lovely lunch... Exactly what brought us to be in this wonderful location on this occasion.

“This truly is a special place.”

One of the massive selling points of Pescheria da Vito is its fish counter, where you are able to choose your fish from the selection that have been sourced and caught locally. We were very excited to try some.

We settled down at our table with a bottle of Castel del Monte DOC, Bombino Bianco, 2013, Giancarlo Ceci. It was the perfect accompaniment to a sunny day, and made a great addition to our afternoon, as we made our menu choices.

To start, we opted for the grilled whole lobster; as well as six of the grilled prawns. The seafood is so exceptionally fresh that all they required were the simplest of cooking styles and added flavours. Our starters were beautiful.

For our main courses, we chose the squid ink orecchiette with prawns, zucchini, and clams; as well as the Langnari past with French beans, and carioricotta cheese.

As with the entire resort of Bogno Egazia, the service was completely on point. The staff made us feel well looked after and relaxed; which provided the perfect ambiance for our time there.

We would thoroughly recommend that you stop in, if you’re planning a trip nearby. This truly is a special place, complete with great food, stunning views, and excellent hospitality.

Photos courtesy of Pescheria da Vito
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