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Borgo Egnazia, Puglia

Contrada Masciola, 72015 Sevelletri, Fasano BR, Italy
Borgo Egnazia Review
5 Star Rating
16 September 2014Borgo Egnazia
Tags: Puglia, Italy, Resort reviewsThe Bill: £340 per night

Borgo Egnazia can be found located in the city of Ostuni, Puglia, Italy. Borgo Egnazia is a purpose built hotel village, which offers and authentic Italian experience. The complex itself has everything you could ever wish for... and more.

“Borgo”, meaning village in Italian, is where this resort got its name. Walking around, you’ll come across beautiful little streets complete with wonderful arches; and surrounded by wonderfully quaint, Puglian inspired townhouses.

“We can’t tell you how much of a unique location this is.”

We heard a rumour that the village took sixteen years to complete, and cost around €150m. It’s easy to see how this could be the case, as Borgo Egnazia is a truly wonderful feat - you can really feel the effort and passion that went into all of the elements that make it what it is; from the design, through to the development and finishing touches, it is just astounding.

The more you learn about it, the more interesting and impressive it becomes. Borgo Egnazia is the creation of former investment banker Aldo Melpignano, who realised his dream using only local materials. It’s an inspirational place.

The complex really does have everything you could possibly need. Several swimming pools and an enormous spa mean that relaxation really is not difficult here. Be sure to book in for a treatment during your stay, as it truly is worth making the most of the exceptional facilities.

Other impressive features include a fantastic golf course, for those looking to get some practice in during their stay, as well as a beautiful beach. It’s well worth factoring an afternoon in to make the most of the beach, which is a gorgeous place to relax and soak in the sun and surroundings.

Water sports, tennis, cookery classes are also all possibilities at Borgo Egnazia, and if you decide to take your children, there’s plenty of childcare and activities available for them, also.

A purpose built hotel village which offered an authentic Italian experience. The complex had all you could wish for and more, several swimming pools and restaurants including Due Camini and Pescheria da Vito.

We stayed in a gorgeous room which boasted its own private courtyard. . There are actually several accommodation options at Borgo Egnazia, including private villas, apartments and cassettes; as well as the luxury hotel itself. So it is worth looking into your options whilst planning your stay.

We were thoroughly impressed with our visit to Borgo Egnazia. We can’t tell you how much of a unique location this is. The concept is astonishing, and the reality of the place completely lives up to the expectation.

We’re already planning our next trip to Borgo Egnazia, and if you’re yet to visit, we would seriously recommend that you do. The resort itself is a refreshing place, where you truly understand the sense of the word ‘escape’. This is certainly a place that we would not hesitate to recommend, and would urge you to look at it as an option for your next Italian getaway.

Photos courtesy of Borgo Egnazia
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