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Terre Blanche Hotel, Provence

3100 Route de Bagnols-en-ForÍt, 83440, Tourrettes, France
Terre Blanche Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
1 April 2014Terre Blanche Hotel
Tags: Provence, France, Spa reviewsThe Bill: £433 per night

Terre Blanche, can be found located in Provence, just a short drive from Cannes. Described as a golf and spa resort.

The first thing we noted on arrival was the impressive grounds. Upon entering the gates, we were pointed in the direction of the reception area. The lobby of the hotel itself is very spacious and intriguing - with an eclectic art collection.

After a swift check-in, we were escorted to our premier suite on a golf buggy. During our buggy ride, we couldnít fail to notice the intriguing sculptures and modern art dotted around every corner - itís a very interesting place.

All of Terre Blancheís suites are located in self-contained buildings, housing around four suites per building. Guests can walk around the resort during their stay, or request to be picked up anytime by a golf buggy.

ďWe would have preferred for the suite to feel a little more luxurious.Ē

We were unfortunately slightly underwhelmed when we arrived at our premier suite. The title Ďpremierí would suggest to us that the suite would be fairly special. The suite did have a large lounge and bedroom area and a walk-in wardrobe. The bathroom was also large and marbled, and the suite did boast a balcony with sun loungers, as well as a table and chairs. The issue we had with the suite was not one of space, but more with the interior, which was very dated. Characterless furniture and an uncomfortable sofa made for a disappointing experience.

That being said, the suite did include an espresso machine and a stocked mini bar. However, I would say that this suite is more geared towards a family or corporate weekend, as opposed to a luxurious suite for a romantic getaway.

The selling point of Terre Blanche is definitely the spa and swimming facilities. If you wish to experience relaxing tranquillity and a huge variety of treatments, then this is certainly the place for you.

Treatments include indulgent massages, body scrubs, and body wraps, and the spaís pool is a fantastic place to swim, with the facility to swim from inside to outside. Along with a sauna and steam room, they also have a new and very impressive piece of technology called the Huber Motion Lab, which is designed to help with toning, slimming and posture for those who wish to tone up, or perhaps improve their golf swing.

The golf facilities are also fantastic, with two incredible courses, one for member and hotel guests only to help keep it exclusive. Golf buggies and equipment are also available to hotel guests wishing to indulge. They also have a practice centre driving range with professional help on hand whether youíre a pro looking to improve, of a beginner looking to start out. They also have the technology to analyse your performance and help you get to the top of your game. Itís very impressive indeed.

Terre Blanche is a family friendly hotel, and by that, I mean family orientated. Children are very present throughout the resort, which is great for parents, but perhaps not what youíre after if itís a romantic getaway youíre looking for. That being said, the resort do seem to be taking measures to create areas just for children, which will hopefully allow for people to have a quiet drink on the terrace or in the restaurant without noisy children running past.

Outside, Terre Blanche also boasts a very large and impressive infinity pool surrounded by sun loungers and private cabanas. Thereís also a Jacuzzi, and a shallow kids pool.

The resort boasts a number of restaurant options, including Les Caroubiers and Le Gaudina, which we visited during our stay. The resort also offers a gastronomic restaurant, Faventia, which we unfortunately didnít get to visit since it was due to open the following week as the season started.

Overall, we did have an enjoyable experience at Terre Blanche, however, we would just have preferred for the suite to feel a little more luxurious.

Photos courtesy of Terre Blanche Hotel
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