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    Hotel de Sers, Paris Review

    41 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75008, France
    Hotel de Sers Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Paris, France, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £470 per night

    Those looking for a small, chic hotel away from the crowds would do well to consider Hotel de Sers. This mansion house has been lovingly restored to its former glory to sit comfortably alongside some of the nicest places to stay in Paris. Itís a short walk from the Champs Elysees and just enough off the beaten track to be quiet, and a little bit exclusive.

    The decoration is a combination of classic Parisian with modern chic. The original character of the building has been preserved wherever possible, but has been complemented with contemporary design. The architect Thomas Vidalenc, dreamt up the new design, and it shows.

    The modern luxury has been woven into the fabric of the building so well that it looks as though It has always been there. This is a hotel that is serious about its image, and justifiably so.

    "Hotel de Sers is a nice place to be."

    The original house was a four-storey mansion designed by architect Jules Pellechet in 1880 for Henri-Leopold Charles, the Marquis de Sers, hence the name.

    We booked a Junior Suite which was light, open and was a most comfortable place to spend two nights. The furniture is all dark wood, the fabrics thick and luxurious and the lighting is designed to make the most of both. The bathroom was also light and luxurious with marble surfaces. There was a large bath and separate shower, the towels were thick and soft and begged to be wrapped around you.

    There were the usual minibar, single-serving potions and lotions, and a plasma TV. The room was quiet, light and just what we had hoped from a hotel in Paris.

    Service was brisk and efficient. The concierge had us booked in and on our way in a few minutes. Despite being in the middle of Paris, they even had a smile for us. The Bell-boy carried our luggage and met us in the room.

    The rest of the hotel includes an immense portrait gallery, with the De Sers restaurant at one end, a wood-panelled lounge. Despite being in the middle of the city, there seemed plenty of room for everyone. There is also a patio terrace that is used in good weather, where guests can have food or drinks served in the sunshine.

    The restaurant menu is French, of course, but isnít pretentious as some of them have a tendency to be. A French hotel lives and dies by the quality of it's food and we're pleased to say Hotel de Sers is very much alive.

    Overall Hotel de Sers is a nice place to be. Itís welcoming, comfortable and relaxed. The service is efficient but not fussy. The staff are friendly and seem to want to please wherever they can. We enjoyed our stay, and we would happily stay there again.

    Photos courtesy of Hotel de Sers

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