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    De Sers Restaurant, Paris Review

    41 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 75008, France
    De Sers Restaurant Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Paris, France, Casual reviewsThe Bill: £54 per head

    Located inside Hotel de Sers in Paris is their house restaurant, simply known as the De Sers Restaurant, this is a fun and interesting find. The location is great, with the Champs Elysées just a few steps away, making this a popular choice for people from the fashion and art worlds.

    There is a very modern, clean, and simplistic approach to the decor, with calm greys and whites. There is also a large patio area, so when weather permits you can dine outside, a very Parisian thing to do, I'm sure you'll agree.

    While not being a fine dining restaurant, the menu is very inviting with lots of interesting dishes. The chef has built a menu largely around seasonal biological products procured from French producers. So there are fresh seasonal dishes year round, which is always a nice touch.

    "A great dining experience, the food was delicious."

    We ordered a bottle of Laroque Valois, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux, 2012. A deep red, full of flavour with a powerful nose marked by ripe fruit. It's an enjoyable wine, especially when enjoying it with meat dishes. To begin we ordered the Semi-cooked Foie Gras with White and Brown Rums, and Caribbean Chutney, and the Real Peruvian Ceviche, with Sole, Cilantro, Hot Pepper and Lime. An eclectic mix of flavours, but a super blend. The hot pepper and lime had a real kick to it, and the Caribbean flavours were a delight.

    For our main courses we were tempted by their meat dishes. Choosing the Organic Beef from Normandie with Artichoke and gnocchi, and the Organic milk-fed Veal with Turnip, Sorrel & French Crécy Purée. There is something to be said about organic meat, there is a much richer flavour to the meat. These cuts were delicious, and the vegetables were incredibly fresh.

    For dessert we shared the Chocolate Heart Pyramids, with Organic Chocolate, Candied Pear and Cinnamon. We also ordered a Pot of Green Tea, and were a little taken back to see it was a Tetley Tea. Not complaining, but surprising to see when in such a trendy restaurant in the heart of Paris.

    A great dining experience, the food was delicious, and it's certainly a place to enjoy with friends or business colleagues.

    Photos courtesy of De Sers Restaurant

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