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Château de la Cazine, Noth

Domaine de la Fôt, 23300 Noth, France
Château de la Cazine Review
5 Star Rating
13 January 2015Château de la CazineTags: Noth, France, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £310 per night

Chateau de la Cazine is located in the picturesque Limousin area of France. While you may not be familiar with the region, I can tell you first hand it’s a beautiful area. The chateau itself is very secluded, it’s nestled in among a landscape of lush green lawns and gardens.

As we parked our car we took a moment to take in the scenery. Chateau de la Cazine is incredibly impressive to look at, it stands proud with is red brick and white stone façade.

During our visit we decided on the Coco Chanel suite, which takes residence of the entire top floor. The suite is very spacious, there is more than enough room for ballroom dancing or hosting a party.

“This is a gorgeous looking chateau, and offers a unique and pleasurable stay.”

The suite includes a large living area, dining area, a separate bedroom which included two roll top baths side by side within the bedroom – a personal favourite of mine from our stay, a large bathroom with a twin walk-in shower, another separate toilet and powder room for the ladies, and another separate bedroom.

While being a restored 18th century chateau and retaining all the charm of a period building, there are all the modern accessories you could possible want for during a stay. There are two plasma TV’s, an espresso machine and a selection of teas. The living area was very comfortable, is was a joy to spend time there relaxing and enjoying a drink.

The armchairs and sofas were incredibly comfortable, and all the furnishings were finished to a very high standard. The suite offered 360 degree views across the surrounding grounds, and the lake in the distance was a picture to look at. This is a place for those of us (like me) who like to relax and enjoy some luscious natural surroundings.

The hotel has a very small gym with a couple of pieces of equipment for some basic exercise, there is also a restaurant and an outdoor pool. This is a gorgeous looking chateau, and offers a unique and pleasurable stay. Well worth taking a relaxing break at the Chateau de la Cazine.

Photos courtesy of Château de la Cazine
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