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    Manchester House, Manchester

    18-22 Bridge Street, Manchester M3 3BZ, UK
    Manchester House Review
    5 Star Rating
    24 February 2016Manchester House
    Tags: Manchester, UK, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: Ł170 per head

    Manchester House is the creation of renowned chef Aiden Byrne and is located in the upcoming area of Spinningfields. We began our evening with two glasses of Laurent-perrier Cuvee Brut Rose in the Lounge on 12. Which, as the name suggests is on the 12th floor and offers some superb views over the city. Soon after, we were escorted down in the elevator and shown to our table. The interior is a cut above most Manchester eateries, and it’s a huge restaurant with various tables throughout and includes a chefs table. We decided to experience the tasting menu which is experimental, innovative, and many of the dishes were served with table-side theatrics.

    To begin our culinary journey we started off with the Poolish and Onion Brioche with Bone Marrow Emulsion. An enjoyable and well-presented dish served on a thick piece of slate and the most beautiful carving of wood. The Brioche was delicious and the Bone Marrow emulsion completed the dish perfectly.

    Next we were served Puffed Pork Crackling, complete with delicate Smoked Apple and Hazelnut. This was a wonderful marriage of flavours and once again beautifully presented. This dish was paired with a glass of Fernando De Castilla, Paio Cortado, Spain. The perfect accompaniment with a complex blend of fruits complete with a smoky aroma.

    Our next dish was Razor Clam with Turbot Sashimi and Fennel Puree. A delightful combination of ingredients, we can’t fault the Clam or Turbot, and together they work perfectly. This dish was paired with an elegant glass of Billecart-Salmon Demi Sec, Mareuil-Sur-Ay, France.

    Next we sampled Crisp Chicken Skin, with Foie Gras Mousse and Aged Parmesan. An interesting dish that certainly demonstrates some of the creativity coming out of the kitchen and we were left excited to progress on to the next course. The Chicken Skin was delicious, and this dish was perfectly paired with a glass of 2014, Long Beach Chenin Blanc, South Africa.

    Moving on to the next course, which was the Gold Rush Apple, with Caviar and Apple Liqueur. This dish was a small indulgent journey, with the Caviar delivering on flavour and completing the dish beautifully.

    Our next offering was Ribblesdale Goats Cheese and Onion Soup with Jabugo Ham. The soup was strong in flavour with the Goats Cheese, Onion and Ham working perfectly together. This dish was married with a glass of 2013, Shaw and Smith Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills, Australia.

    Next we moved on to the Roasted Langoustine, with Ajwain, and Smoked Cauliflower and Venison Carpaccio. The Langoustine was full of flavour, and the Venison Carpaccio tasted delicious. This was paired with a glass of 2014, Lageder Pinot Grigio, Dolomiti, Italy. A straw-yellow fine Italian wine with pronounced and strong flowery aromas.

    “Manchester House took us on an exceptional culinary journey.”

    Course number eight comes in the form of Salisfy, Artichoke and Vanilla Puree. Another expressive dish, the Salisfy and Artichoke is a superb combination. This dish was served with a glass of 2013, Catena Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina. A stunning Argentinian wine with fresh tropical flavours, and a clean and smooth delivery.

    Our next dish was Steamed Pigeon, with Cherry Broth and Mustard. Another fine dish to come out of the kitchen, the Pigeon was delicious and the Cherry Broth completed the dish perfectly. We enjoyed a glass of 2012, Riorret Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Australia, with this dish. A bright red wine with a blend of darker fruits and a gentle tannin.

    Moving on to a delightful serving of Roasted Pollock, with Liquorice Fermented Onions, Iron Age Pig Ham. Pollock is a delicious and fleshy fish when cooked well, and this dish was a fine example and we enjoyed every mouthful. This was served with a glass of 2012, Minervois Domaine la Rouviole, France. A dark, intense wine, with Chocolate, Herbs, and dark Fruit notes.

    The next dish to reach our table was an enticing creation of Braised Beef Cheek, Txogitxu Tartare and Choucroute. The Beef took pride of place in the middle of the plate, this was a superb dish and we had no problem finishing it. It was accompanied by a glass of 2008, Springfield Estate ‘The Work of Time’, Robertson, South Africa. A wine with crisp Cassis Fruit, smoky tones, and a hint of Green Pepper.

    Next was the classic Manchester Tart Ice Cream. Perfectly fitting, and very refreshing. We enjoyed this with a glass of 2014, Innocent Bystander Moscato Rose, Victoria, Australia. A sweet and light dessert wine with subtle Cherry tones paired beautifully with the Manchester Tart.

    Next we enjoyed the Goats Curd, with Tarragon and Blackberry. The Curd had a lovely texture and the flavours of the Tarragon and Blackberry worked very well. This dish was parried with a glass of 2008, Recioto Di Soave Pieropan, Le Colombare, Soave-Classico, Italy. A wine with exotic Fruits and a long, perfumed finish.

    For our next dish we enjoyed the Rhubarb, with Rosemary and Orange. An interesting and delicious combination of sweet flavours. Completed with a glass of 2014, Quady Winery Essensia Orange Muscat, Fresno, USA. A full-bodied wine made with Orange Muscat Grapes, giving it a rich and distinctive taste.

    Our final dish was a fine selection of Macaroons, with my favourite being the Chocolate and Passion Fruit. Each macaroon had been carefully hand prepared and tasted divine.

    The tasting menu at Manchester House took us through a journey of different flavours, and culinary craft. It was a joy from the very first dish until the final mouthful, we can’t recommend this experience highly enough.

    Photos courtesy of Manchester House
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