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Gaucho Manchester

2A Saint Mary's Street, Manchester, M3 2LB, UK
Gaucho Manchester Review
4 Star Rating
24 October 2014Gaucho ManchesterTags: Manchester, UK, Argentinian reviewsThe Bill: £67 per head

Located in the centre of busy Manchester, Gaucho Manchester offers guests the finest Argentine steaks using the finest quality ingredients. The restaurant also has a popular bar serving beers, Argentinean wine and cocktails.

The interior design of the restaurant was very in keeping with the theme of the Gaucho group and includes the regular use of cow hides on and around furnishings. The low level lighting and contrasting design also helped to create the relaxed and informal atmosphere within the restaurant, perfect for dining during the evening.

We began our meal with two cocktails. The Taladro Argentino was a Gin based cocktail mixed with fresh line, lime cordial and a choice of syrups including red berry and rosehip. This was a particularly refreshing cocktail and cleansed the palate before a hearty steak meal. We also tried the Pommelina. This vodka based cocktail contained fresh orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon served over crushed ice and with rocks in the glass. The fruity cocktail was sweet and fresh, containing just the right amount of alcohol.

“Gaucho Manchester fails to disappoint.”

For my starter I chose the Argentine King Prawns sautéed with garlic and lemon, served with sweet plantain guacamole. I found this dish very light and perfectly balanced. It was very in keeping with the Argentinean theme and the prawns were beautifully cooked. My partner chose the Duo of Roasted Beets Salad. This salad included roasted beets with a yoghurt dressing and ricotta salata. Although a very earthy flavour, the beets were complemented by the light flavour of the yoghurt and ricotta, creating a well-balanced starter.

For my main I chose a special cut of beef, the Media Luna de Vacio. This particular steak is a tender flank steak marinated in parsley, garlic and oil. The succulent beef was cooked to order and the marinade penetrated the beef in a subtle but effective way.

My partner chose to sample the Bife de Lomo, or fillet, which is a tender and lean cut of beef with a delicate flavour. It was served as requested and carefully cooked until perfect. Gaucho Manchester demonstrated a perfectionist attitude when it comes to the cooking and serving of their prime cuts of Argentine steak.

After visiting Gaucho Manchester a few times over the years, we have yet to be disappointed and look forward to returning in the future, for fabulous service and fine cuisine then Gaucho Manchester is a must visit.

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