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The Restaurant at Mr. C, Los Angeles

1224 Beverwil Drive, CA 90035, USA
The Restaurant at Mr. C Review
5 Star Rating
13 April 2015The Restaurant at Mr. CTags: Los Angeles, USA, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £78 per head

Located inside the Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills is this fabulous Italian restaurant. It’s a great place to dine regardless of whether you’re staying in the hotel. It features classics from Cipriani, and the décor has a classic Italian look with some extra flare for Sophistication.

We started by ordering Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, paired with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Duckhorn, Napa Valley. A delicious partnership, I always enjoy prosciutto and this dish was spot on. We also ordered Thin Slices of Yellowtail with Mint, Avocado, Onions and Lime, also paired with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Duckhorn, Napa Valley. The yellowtail was delicious, very fresh and well-seasoned.

Next we decided to order a couple of pasta dishes, I ordered the Spaghetti with Clams and Cherry Tomatoes, paired with a glass of Pinot Grigio, Livio Felluga, Friuli Venezia Giulia. Light wines with intense aromas and floral notes always compliment spaghetti well, and this pairing was perfect. My partner ordered the Homemade Potato Gnocchi alla Bolognese, which was paired with a glass of Chianti Classico, Podere il Palazzino, Toscana. Another perfectly executed Italian dish, very enjoyable.

“Mr. C has an impressive range of Italian dishes, and a good wine list to match.”

For our main courses we ordered Chilean Seabass alla Carlina served with Rice Pilaf, and accompanied with a glass of Gavi di Gavi White Label, La Scolca, Piemonte. A wonderfull Italian wine, with a fruity body, it worked well with the Seabass. We also ordered the Prime Beef Tenderloin al Barolo dish, served with Mashed Potatoes and paired with Nebbiolo, Langhe Pertinace, Piemonte. The beef was incredibly delicious, and we would recommend this as a pick if you visit Mr. C.

Mr. C has an impressive range of Italian dishes, and a good wine list to match. The pairings that were recommended were spot on, and made the dishes and our experience that little bit more special. We had a very enjoyable evening, and look forward to returning in the future.

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