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Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles

8221 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA
Chateau Marmont Review
5 Star Rating
18 September 2015Chateau MarmontTags: Los Angeles, USA, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £580 per night

Chateau Marmont is something special, built in the 1920ís and styled on a French Castle in the Loire Valley, Chateau Marmont offers a unique experience. The hotel has a decorated history that matches the character of the property.

A host of the worlds rich and famous have stepped foot inside, including; James Dean, Helmut Newton, Jim Morrison, John Belushi and Led Zeppelin to name name a few. Itís located in the middle of the Sunset Strip, youíre only a few minutes from Beverly Hills, yet when youíre in the grounds of the hotel you feel like youíre miles from anywhere.

The hotel belongs to famous hotelier Andre Balazs who owns a series of luxury hotels across the States and London. It was a pleasure being a guest in one of his hotels, and even with its exceptional reputation our stay exceeded what we expected before arriving.

We experienced one of their Premier One Bedroom Suites. The suite was huge, with 920sq ft to play with, there was more than enough space. The suite comprised of a bedroom complete with a king-sized bed, a large living room, and a kitchen with a separate dining area. We also had a private terrace. Evenings spent on the terrace with a G&T were most enjoyable.

ďChateau Marmont is the jewel of the crown when it comes to staying in LA.Ē

The restaurant is also a pleasure with an idyllic garden terrace, there is also a trendy cocktail bar, where you can easily spend a whole evening sampling cocktails. The hotel is eco-friendly where possible, so expect seasonal food and locally sourced wine.

There is also a lovely oval heated outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees. There is a no camera policy while on the hotel grounds, which is something almost unheard of in LA. This is one of the contributing factors to the amount of famous people that visit the hotel looking for some peace and quiet.

Chateau Marmont is the jewel of the crown when it comes to staying in LA. The privacy and idyllic secluded feeling you have while still being right in the heart of LA is masterful. When staying in LA, this is an experience that will not disappoint.

Photos courtesy of Chateau Marmont
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