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    The Ritz Restaurant, London Review

    150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BR, UK
    The Ritz Restaurant Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: London, UK, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £195 per head

    The Ritz Restaurant can be found inside The Ritz, Itís a truly captivating experience, and the moment you enter into the historic dining room you canít help but be overwhelmed by its enchantment. As you glance to the ceiling you are captured by powder blue frescos of cloud filled skies, the windows are adorned with theatrical drapes and an army of period chandeliers provide the lighting.

    Our evening began with a pre-dinner cocktail at The Rivoli Bar where we sampled their renowned ĎRitz 100í, and as the name partly suggests this cocktail has been served there for 100 years, itís complete with Gold infused Grey Goose Vodka, Grand Marnier, Peach Liquor and finished with Champagne and a cube of brown sugar which is dropped into the glass when served at the table.

    Moving on to the restaurant, we decided to experience the six course surprise menu designed by Executive Chef, John Williams, MBE, which of course we were very excited about. If you want an unforgettable dining experience, itís to be found here at The Ritz Restaurant. Service is of the finest standard and almost every whim is catered for, along with a little added charm. Dinner is a theatrical experience with plates being placed simultaneously after each dish is formally introduced.

    Our first course was Parmesan Royale with Winter Vegetables and Flowers. An exquisite dish to start with, beautifully presented and truly delicious. The dish was paired with a glass of 2005, Tokasi Sauska, Hungary. An elegant fruity wine, with a unique taste, very fitting for the dish.

    ďYou canít help but be overwhelmed by its enchantment.Ē

    Our second course was Goose Liver, with Spiced Pineapple and Gingerbread. This was an interesting dish, the Goose Liver was deliciously tender and flavoursome it canít be faulted. The spiced Pineapple and Gingerbread offered diffident flavours to the dish that worked seamlessly. The wine pairing was a 2009, Riesling, Egon Muller, Australia. A pale straw coloured wine, with delicate floral notes and a long lasting impression on the palate.

    Next we sampled Langoustine, with Celery and Lovage. I adore Langoustine, and when they are prepared with such attention you can only celebrate each and every mouthful. It was tender and flavoursome and the Celery and Lovage completed the dish perfectly. Our wine paring was a glass of 2013 Chardonnay Far Niente Napa, California. A wine thatís tropical on the nose, and delivers a range of citrus and tropical flavours.

    The forth course was Veal Sweetbread, with Parsnip and Perigord Truffle. Sweetbread is incredibly delicious when done right, and this was of the highest standard and the Perigord Truffle completed the dished perfectly. Our wine pairing for this course was a 2013, Frauburgunder, Furst, Germany. An excellent wine with a complex blend of fruits and subtle spices.

    Next we sampled Turbot, with Leeks and Champagne. We absolutely loved this course and would have happily received a second helping but i donít think we could have physically managed. It was perfectly paired with a glass of 2010, M.Chapoutier Hermitage, France. A dark Black Cherry wine with some lovely liquorice touches.

    The sixth course course introduced to us was the Venison, served with Red Cabbage, Celeriac and Apple. Being ever more impressed with each dish that arrived, we were taken back with this dish, the Venison was delectable, tender and flavoursome.

    Finally we ended with desserts. A wonderfully refreshing Raspberry and Lime creation with fresh Raspberries and Raspberry Sorbet served with a glass of 30 year old Noe Pedro Ximenez from Spain. We also sampled their delicious Mont Blanc, with Caramelised Pear Williams. Stunning desserts, the flavours were well executed and the presentation was nothing short of flawless. Each and every course was a culinary masterpiece, an absolute must for foodies and lovers of excellent cuisine.

    Photos courtesy of The Ritz Restaurant
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