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    The Ritz London Review

    150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BR, UK
    The Ritz London Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: London, UK, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £1,500 per night

    The Ritz has set a standard of excellence matched by few other hotels since opening its doors by renowned hotelier Cesar Ritz back in 1906, marking its 110th anniversary 2016. The Ritz has held its position as one of the most distinguished hotels in the world. Playing host to some of the most notable royals, aristocracy, and stars of the big screen during this time.

    As part of their 110th anniversary celebrations, there is a series of champagne dinners to mark this historic occasion. These dinners are accompanied with guest speaking hosts and have menus created by Executive Chef John Williams, MBE. Different vintages and types of champagnes are severed, and itís the perfect opportunity for champagne lovers to not only learn about some of these historic champagnes, but to be part of something truly special.

    The Ritz Hotel, London The Ritz Hotel, London

    Upon arrival we were greeted by the smartly dressed doormen with their gleaming white gloves and shown through to reception, after a swift check-in we were escorted to The Trafalgar Suite, the suite is named after the battle of Trafalgar and was appointed to commemorate Lord Nelsonís victory. As such, the dťcor is commanding and regal in its opulence. There is a large chandelier hanging from the high ceiling, patterned drapes with gold tassels hang from the large bay windows, and the gold trim around the furnishings is simply stunning.

    Itís a huge one bedroom suite with a drawing room thatís perfectly positioned with views overlooking the bustling city of London, allowing you to soak up Londonís infectious energy from the seclusion of your living area. There was also a perfectly positioned desk that allows you to do business whilst adoring the views over Green Park.

    "The Ritz is charming, unforgettable, and an unmistakably British extravaganza."

    The suite also includes a beautiful marble bathroom, with twin wash basins, a charming dressing table, a walk-in wardrobe as well as several other walk-in wardrobes throughout the suite, a huge bathtub, and a separate shower. All finished with impeccable amounts of character continuing the regal appearance throughout the suite.

    The Ritz Hotel, London The Ritz Hotel, London

    This is five star luxury at its finest, the suites at The Ritz are some of the most impressive suites in London, which is quite a feat. When only the best will do and you are looking for the absolute finest in London, The Ritz delivers on every aspect. From being greeted by the doormen when you first arrive, to being surrounded by luxury, to being looked after to the highest of standards and of course dining at the incredible Ritz Restaurant and finally to the moment you depart and your luggage is neatly packed in your car. This is more than just staying in a hotel, itís an experience of lifetime.

    The Ritz is celebrating their 110th anniversary with a number of events throughout the year of 2016. These will include a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIís 90th birthday, an intimate party on the Ladies Day at Royal Ascot where a beautifully restored 1966 Routemaster bus will accommodate a number of guests with a viewing gallery and dining on the upper level, and a bar on the lower level.

    The Ritz Hotel, London The Ritz Hotel, London

    There will also be a special three-night programme for Ritz guests attending the Ladies Quarter Finals at Wimbledon. With this small group of people taking advantage of sky-view hospitality, elevated above the crowds on a balcony in Centre Court offering some of the best views available.

    If all of this wasnít impressive enough. The Ritz has also made arrangements for a package that includes an evening attendance to Her Majestyís official birthday celebrations in the exclusive Waterloo Chamber of the Royal Enclosure located in the grounds at Windsor Castle.

    The Ritz is charming, unforgettable, and an unmistakably British extravaganza. Our visit to The Ritz was a truly remarkable experience and an experience we would happily repeat in a heartbeat.

    Photos courtesy of The Ritz London
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