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SACO The Cannon, London

46 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6JJ, UK
SACO The Cannon Review
4 Star Rating
7 July 2016SACO The CannonTags: London, UK, Apartment reviewsThe Bill: £189 per night

SACO The Cannon offer luxury apartments located in the heart of London on Cannon Street. These apartments are a great option for the business traveller looking for short-term apartment-style accommodation in the city. The location is a huge selling point when choosing a location in London, and having a wide range of dining options, tube station access, just a few steps away is a huge bonus.

SACO, The Cannon SACO, The Cannon SACO, The Cannon

The accommodation at SACO is clean and unspoiled due to the apartments having just opened. The decor is minimal with no frills, space was a little on the minimal side too but the layout made the most of the space. In our apartment, we could only access one side of the bed as it was placed flush against the wall. On the plus side the apartments are manned 24/7, which is great for security and means there is always a point of contact.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to book one of the apartments at SACO The Cannon again.“

SACO, The Cannon SACO, The Cannon SACO, The Cannon

All the apartments come with superfast complimentary WiFi, Smart HD TV’s, comfort cooling, and comfortable king size beds. You also have some choice of apartment style, with studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments available. All of which are suitable for up to 2 guests and come complete with all the features you need for a comfortable stay.

There is a public lounge which is a nicely designed area and a perfect spot to grab a coffee while catching up on emails. You also have access to some fitness facilities if you like to catch a workout while you’re away from home.

SACO, The Cannon SACO, The Cannon SACO, The Cannon

If you need to be in this area of the city for business we’re sure you will find SACO The Cannon a convenient solution. The apartments are designed to be a home from home experience and we wouldn’t hesitate to book one of these apartments again.

Photos courtesy of SACO The Cannon
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