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Titanic Hotel, Liverpool

Stanley Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool L3 0AN, UK
Titanic Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
19 February 2016Titanic HotelTags: Liverpool, UK, City reviewsThe Bill: £210 per night

The Titanic Hotel is a relatively new player in Liverpool, we visited during it's opening period and fell in love with the property, so it was no surprise we found ourselves visiting once again. It's located in Stanley Dock and just a short distance from the city centre, this is a great place to stay if you're visiting Liverpool. The hotel is a result of the redevelopment of the historic Stanley Dock complex. Once the heart of the thriving industrial boom taking place in the Liverpool docks, the complex was an important part of the rum and tobacco trade.

The complex has been beautifully restored and turned into the Titanic Hotel. The large brick structure has an excess of charm, and the large windows give visitors the chance to enjoy a view over the docks. There are 153 rooms in the hotel, giving you an idea of just how big the building is.

There is a strong shipping theme and decor throughout, which is fitting given it's location, It's not overwhelming however, you don't' feel like you are on a cruise ship thankfully. There is also a Rum Bar, another throwback to the fact that this was once a rum warehouse. So it's nice to see the designers have kept some of the historic values in modern ways.

“There is some real personality and individuality at the Titanic Hotel.”

We stayed in the Superior Corner Room, which was spacious it could be described as a suite. The views over the docks are spectacular, and the decor is very stylish. There's lots of exposed brickwork, as you would expect from a renovated industrial warehouse. The colours are minimal throughout, with greys and dark colours. The bed was very comfortable, dressed with Egyptian cotton linen and gave a splendid night’s sleep.

There are some aspects to the hotel that separate it from other hotels. The most noticeable feature throughout the hotel is the space, the corridors are that lead to the rooms are very wide, and the rooms are refreshingly spacious. The general urban and slightly hipster feel is unique too, a refreshing change. There is some real personality and individuality to the Titanic Hotel, it's a joy to experience.

As well as the Rum Bar there is Stanley's Bar and Grill, to take care of all your dining needs during your stay. If you fancy a relaxing break then make your way to the basement of the hotel to discover the Maya Blue Spa where you can enjoy their hydrotherapy pool or steam room, sauna and samarium, before finishing off in the luxury of the foot bath and experience showers.

Overall it’s a wonderful experience, plenty of charm and a luxurious experience. The Titanic Hotel certainly comes recommended by us.

Photos courtesy of Titanic Hotel
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