Byzance Tableware Collection by Wedgwood Reviews
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Byzance Tableware Collection by Wedgwood

Byzance Tableware Collection by Wedgwood Review
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For us, there are very few greater pleasures in life than a properly set table, complete with some standout tableware. The symbolism of a beautifully set dinner table represents sophistication and strong attention to detail. It infers that something special is about to take place, whether it’s a Monday lunchtime or a Saturday night. Our love of tableware reached new heights recently, as we were introduced to one of Wedgwoods latest releases the Byzance tableware collection.

Wedgwood’s headquarters can be found located in historic Barlaston in Staffordshire, in the Wedgwood Studio no less. Their designs merge their traditional English heritage whilst taking all the best bits of modern design. From traditional white tableware, to stunning patterns and motifs, there’s something to suit all tastes and tables in Wedgwood’s extensive collection. They even have some exciting brand partnerships with the likes of Jasper Conran and Vera Wang. More impressively, however, is the fact that Wedgwood has a history of providing tableware for everyone from celebrities, to Heads of State and even the Royal Family.

Each and every Wedgwood design has been imagined down to the very last detail. Of course, the aesthetics are of utmost importance, but so are the proportions, weights and materials used. Having been around since 1759, Wedgwood surely know a thing or two about producing high-quality tableware, with the secrets of their craft being passed down throughout the generations; which has snowballed into something quite special.

We fell in love with Wedgeoods Byzance tableware collection, which is heavily influenced by Byzantine architecture that dates back to 300 A.D. With a colour palette of sapphire blue and ruby, finished with luxurious 22ct gold, this collection is sure to make a statement on any table.

“We fell in love with Wedgeoods Byzance tableware collection”

For our collection, we decided upon the 27cm Byzance Plate, which is a fine bone china plate large enough for a main course, yet delicate enough to look rather sophisticated on the table itself. We also decided upon the same Byzance Plate - but in the smaller 20cm size, which works well as a side plate or for starter dishes, and again is made out of fine bone china. These plates truly make our table settings look gorgeous, and we have had many a compliment on them at recent dinner parties.

We also chose the Byzance teacup and saucer set, which is a real treat. The teacups are beautifully delicate, also being made from fine bone china, and are the perfect size as a receptacle for the perfect cup of tea. The saucer is another stunning addition. We simply couldn’t not complete the set, so we also added on the Byzance Teapot, which really is the icing on the cake.

We were astounded by the quality and beauty of our Wedgwood plates, cups and saucers and teapot. The intricate design makes for a real talking point, and we could not be any happier with our choices. That being said, there are more subtle patterns available for those looking for a more classic table setting. There are also more modern designs for those looking to impress with a more fashionable look. Whatever your taste, you won’t be disappointed with the range of designs available. Wedgwood have an excellent track record in adorning dining tables worldwide with tableware fit even for royalty. You won’t regret investing in this brand, and you’ll certainly be in excellent company if you choose to.

We highly recommend Wedgwood to anyone looking to upgrade their table setting, and we cannot wait to grow our own collection. We are delighted with our choices so far, and it has even become a slight addiction as we’re reaching to use them almost every day. We highly recommend you take a look and can guarantee you’ll be very tempted.

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