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    Le Gardenie, Lake Garda Review

    Viale C. Gennari, 2, 25019 Sirmione BS, Italy
    Le Gardenie Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Lake Garda, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £84 per head

    Le Gardenie can be found located inside Villa Cortine, situated in Lake Garda, Italy. This beautifully traditional villa is home to this wonderful restaurant, where we chose to dine during our stay in Lake Garda.

    Upon arrival we were greeted by welcoming staff and shown to our table. After much deliberation and recommendations from our waiter - we made our menu choices. We also decided to make the most of the restaurant’s sommelier, and opted for wine pairing.

    “The food at Le Gardenie is just exquisite.”

    To start, we chose the Panzanella with Buffalo milk mozzarella, and Sicilian red prawn. This came paired with a glass of Iguana Doc, Moleeo, 2011, Ottella.

    We also sampled the risotto with Taleggio cheese and beetroots, served with a glass of Fiano D’Avellino Doc, Volla Matilde, 2013.

    For our main courses, we opted for the fish of the day - which was sea bream during our visit served with garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil; as well as the fillet of beef with burrata. Our main courses were served with glasses of the Ronchedore Ca dei Frati, 2011.

    The food at Le Gardenie is just exquisite. The combination of the flavours from their use of only the freshest of ingredients was just superb; and the presentation of the dishes was wonderful.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Le Gardenie, and would certainly return. The villa itself is an absolute delight. What truly made the evening for us was the attentiveness of the staff, and their expertise, knowledge and experience really shone through.

    Le Gardenie provides the perfect place to refresh and take in your surroundings. Be sure to take some time to have a wander around the grounds and local area.

    Photos courtesy of Le Gardenie
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