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Dining at Hurley House Hotel

Henley Road, Hurley SL6 5LH, UK
Dining at Hurley House Hotel Review
5 Star Rating
22 April 2017Dining at Hurley House HotelTags: Hurley, UK, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £36 per head

During our stay at Hurley House we couldn’t not stop by for dinner in the restaurant; especially having heard great things. In keeping with the rest of the hotel, the interiors of the restaurant are continuations of the no-expense-spared feel of the rest of the establishment, and with Michael Chapman at the helm; we knew we were in for a special evening.

Upon arrival we were greeted as old friends and shown to our table, where we relaxed and settled in for the evening. We were given our menus and took our time going over them. They were really rather intriguing and we waited in anticipation of our first course.

To start, I chose the duck liver parfait with Yorkshire rhubarb, which was simply presented yet incredibly rewarding to taste. My partner went for the Wiltshire guinea fowl with ham hock, foie gras terrine, celeriac and picked shimeji mushrooms, which was simply bursting with flavours and textures that made for a very impressive start to the evening.

“We would thoroughly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a superb meal in a beautiful setting.”

For our main courses, I thoroughly enjoyed the Wiltshire spring lamb shoulder which came served with sweetbreads and kidney as well as potato Boulangère and carrots - this was a dish full of complex flavours and depth; however it was very well balanced and highly moreish. My partner went for the aged Herefordshire fillet which was served with braised brisket, celeriac, wood blewits and onion. Again, this was an impressive dish and the steak was of high quality and simply melted in the mouth.

For our desserts, we both opted for the chocolate brownie “Snickers” which was served with peanut ice cream. It was a terribly indulgent, yet gorgeously satisfying end to what had been a very delightful meal.

We also enjoyed their tea menu throughout the meal including the Jasmine Pearls tea, which is a sweet green tea with jasmine, as well as the Flowering Osmanthus which is a wonderful collection of orange lily and Osamnthus blossom.

I would like to note that the service throughout the evening was faultless. We were left wanting for nothing, and were made to feel relaxed and at home throughout the entire night. We would highly recommend dining at Hurley House to anyone looking for a superb meal in a beautiful setting. Our meal was perfectly executed, and we would certainly return to Hurley House again, simply to visit this restaurant.

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