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Iveagh Garden Hotel, Dublin

72/74 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin's, Dublin, Ireland
Iveagh Garden Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
1 April 2018Iveagh Garden HotelTags: Dublin, Ireland, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £139 per night

The Iveagh Garden Hotel is a fantastic choice of hotel should you be looking for accommodation in Dublin. Located within a short walk of some of Dublin’s best shopping and sights, the surrounding areas of this hotel truly do not disappoint. It’s also perfectly located for Camden Street and its array of bars and restaurants, as well as being close to key transport links.

The hotel itself boasts Art Deco interior vibes with wonderful black and gold accents and the occasional chandelier. When we arrived we were impressed by the spacious lobby and were greeted warmly by the reception team. After a swift and efficient check-in we were shown on our way to our room.

Iveagh Garden Hotel dublin Iveagh Garden Hotel

During our stay, we experienced one of their Deluxe Rooms, which was perfectly adequate in size. The room itself offered accents of colour in its modern design, and as well as a large, comfortable bed, it offered a small seating area, a flat screen television and tea and coffee making facilities complete with biscuits which were a welcomed addition. The bathroom saw a combined shower and bath and a single wash basin. It was finished to a high standard in marble, and boasted Aromatherapy Associates toiletries.

“We were impressed to learn that the entire hotel is powered by the Swan River which runs underground.”

The hotel offers an onsite restaurant and bar – Elle’s - that is truly the hub of the operation, being constantly busy with a great atmosphere. This is a great spot at which to grab a bite to eat during your stay, if you’re looking for somewhere close to home. We were impressed to learn that the entire hotel is powered by the Swan River which runs underground. The Iveagh Garden Hotel has succeeded in harnessing the power of the river to reinforce its eco-friendly ideology, which is admirable to say the least.

Iveagh Garden Hotel dublin Iveagh Garden Hotel

Overall we were impressed with our stay at Iveagh Garden Hotel. What this hotel may lack in facilities, it certainly makes up for in style and substance; on top of which the staff of the hotel do a commendable job in keeping their guests happy. The enviable location can also not be faulted. We would certainly return and the Iveagh Garden Hotel comes recommended by us as a strong hotel choice in Dublin.

Photos courtesy of Iveagh Garden Hotel

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