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10 Castle Street, Cranborne

10 Castle St, Cranborne BH21 5PZ, UK
10 Castle Street Review
5 Star Rating
3 November 201610 Castle Street
Tags: Cranborne, UK, Private Members Club reviewsThe Bill: £350 per night

Located in Cranborne, 10 Castle Street is a breathtaking property and from the moment you arrive you know you are about to step foot inside somewhere special. The house holds a wealth of history and has been immaculately maintained, it’s a real joy to experience this 17th-century property in all its stunning beauty.

We experienced ‘Bedroom 1’ during our stay at 10 Castle Street, Each of their rooms are simply numbered 1 to 9, and each room has its own unique look and identity. Bedroom 1 is located on the second floor and overlooks the hotel’s beautiful gardens. The bathroom has marble floors and an enchanting shower cubicle that sits pride of place like an opulent statue with silver trimmings. There was also a roll top bath which is perfectly positioned to offer views over the gardens while you have a relaxing soak, twin basins, and characteristic wallpaper giving the room a unique design and look.

10 Castle Street 10 Castle Street 10 Castle Street

The bedroom was light and airy and included a seating area and a tapestry trunk table. The bed is a super-king size, it was very cozy and comfortable, and came complete with a hot water bottle. The room is well-designed and the decor utilises white and cream colours offset by the dark wood furniture and red seats.

“The owners have really created something rather special.”

The property itself is a private members club and has several rooms to enjoy. There is a bar and a couple of restaurant areas, along with the chef’s table that overlooks the kitchen. The menu consists of many dishes with ingredients sourced from their kitchen garden and local businesses. There is also an outdoor smoking area with a fire pit which is worth a visit as it holds an air of magic that needs to be experienced.

10 Castle Street 10 Castle Street 10 Castle Street

We especially like the art that adorns the interior walls, and there are a number of magnificent pieces to view and various sculptures on the grounds. The hotel has an in-house art consultant who features different pieces of art throughout the year, along with their own collection, so if you’re an art lover there is more than enough to keep you interested.

10 Castle Street 10 Castle Street 10 Castle Street

The owners have really created something rather special and it’s well worth a visit. 10 Castle Street is able to offer something quite unique and it’s a great escape from the city.

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