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TRB Hutong, Beijing

#23, Shatan Beijie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100009, China
TRB Hutong Review
5 Star Rating
31 December 2018TRB Hutong
Tags: Beijing, China, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £140 per head

On a recent trip to Beijing, we simply could not pass up the opportunity to visit TRB; a restaurant that has been on our hit list for some years. TRB is not just a restaurant. This restaurant is better described as a sensory experience, reserved for those looking to splurge and truly indulge. TRB can be found located inside an old temple courtyard, which has been tastefully modernised, although its history dates back to the Qing Dynasty. It could be described as light, bright and minimalist, with the focus certainly being on the decadent food and drink offering.

In terms of the menu, TRB Hutong is all about exquisite French-inspired fine dining. Being the first restaurant for the TRB Hospitality Group, this venue truly sets the bar for fine dining in the area, and we were most excited to experience its finery. And we were delighted to note that the performance begins from the very moment you are seated, with no shortage of impressive canapé's and bread. It’s also worth noting that TRB caters exceptionally well for those with allergies, so rest assured that whatever your dietary requirements, you will eat very well here indeed.

Our evening began with a glass of their house champagne, Domaine J Laurens, Le Moulin Brut, Blanquette de Limoux NV. This champagne was an absolute joy to experience, and we enjoyed sipping whilst taking in the atmosphere in great anticipation as to what was to come for our evening ahead. The staff at TRB certainly understand the art of hospitality, and throughout our evening there was consistently a small army of staff who were on hand to take care of our every whim. Things are certainly done properly here, and it’s an absolute joy to witness such a fine performance. Our dining experience was to the tune of a five course tasting menu.

“This restaurant is better described as a sensory experience, reserved for those looking to splurge and truly indulge.”

We began with the first course, which was titled Oyster. This course saw two beautifully presented oysters served with Arctic shrimp and watercress. Putting the presentation aside, the flavours were simply divine. The oysters were perfectly prepared and so very fresh, and they left us very excited for what was to come.

Course number two was titled Scallop. This dish saw a selection of thinly sliced scallop completed with caviar and lemon. The presentation once again was a work of art, and we actually felt bad for destroying such a creation; but the guilt was outweighed by the pure joy of eating this wonderful marriage of flavours.

Next up on the menu, we sampled a dish titled Sea Bream. This course saw sea bream presented with thinly sliced zucchini and fig, garnished with fresh flower petals. Visually, this dish was again absolutely stunning, and each mouthful was nothing short of impressive.

For the main event, and course number four, we enjoyed the Wagyu beef complete with foie gras and truffle. Each and every course to this point was an absolute joy and we were excited for this course being the main event, and I can honestly say it certainly delivered. This delicate dish was masterfully created and provided the perfect collection of flavours and textures.

Unfortunately we then found ourselves on our fifth and final course, which was titled Chocolate. This dish was complete with coffee and passion fruit, and was certainly another one worthy of the instagram generation. The dish can only really be described as a hollow chocolate ball with circular holes where a fresh raspberry and delicate meringue had been placed, with hints of passion fruit placed around the chocolate. This was certainly a superb dish to complete our dining experience and one we won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

For the wine, we enjoyed a bottle of 2013 Gabriel Meffre, Chateauneuf-du-Pape Laurus, Rhone, France. This wine was a deep ruby in colour and offered a palate of minerals, red berries, vanilla and woodsmoke. It was a gorgeous accompaniment to our evening. Finally, to complete our evening, we both enjoyed a glass of Park VS Cognac.

We would go as far to say that TRB was our dining highlight whilst in Beijing, if you are visiting the city we cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough. We are quite confident you will receive the same memorable experience as we did.

Photos courtesy of TRB Hutong
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