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    The Pig near Bath Review

    Hunstrete House, Pensford, Bath BS39 4NS, UK
    The Pig near Bath Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Bath, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £280 per night

    Having previously visited The Pig in the Wall, we were keen to visit The Pig near Bath and see how it compares. The Pig near Bath is a 29 bedroom, mellow country house situated near Bath and Bristol, in a beautiful part of the country. It makes for a great quintessentially English escape.

    After a short drive from Bath we arrived at the foot of the driveway, where we were greeted by a shiny gold pig welcoming us to the property. As we made our way along the sweeping driveway the impressive facade of the country house came into view. The building is just incredible, it has a wealth of charm.

    We pulled into the front of the hotel and unloaded our luggage. As we walked through the entrance we were once again welcomed by two huge pig statues. The pig and farming theme doesn't stop there either. There was a large collection of Hunter wellies standing proud as we walked through the boot room, and the shabby chic style throughout the hotel had an authentic, yet stylish farmhouse feel.

    As the doors to the hotel opened we were greeted by a warm smile from the friendly staff. Our luggage was taken and stored while we were shown to the drawing room. Here we sat in front of the roaring open fire, where we enjoyed a cup of green tea until our room was ready. We stayed in a hideaway room, which is a private building surrounded by gardens and vegetable patches.

    “A great experience, and the ideal hideaway.”

    The room backed onto a deer park, which means you have stunning views of deer wandering around from your bedroom and bathroom windows. The room has a duplex style layout, with the bedroom on the ground floor and the bathroom with a roll top bath and wet room upstairs. The bathroom was incredibly big, it was able to include two charming antique chairs, and his and hers wash basins.

    There was also another washroom on the ground floor, which was a welcome addition. I have to say that waking up in the morning to a herd of deer is both truly memorable, and an experience I will not forget. The room had a well-stocked pantry style minibar, it was very tempting to dive in and sample.

    There are plenty of facilities to keep you interested and well looked after on your visit. They offer spa treatments, carried out in The Potting Shed, and the restaurant serves up a range of delicious dishes. Be sure to take a walk around the grounds while you’re there too, you'll come across pigs, chickens and other farmyard animals. A great experience, and the perfect hideaway.

    Photos courtesy of The Pig near Bath
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