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    The Dovecote Barns, York Review

    Manor Farm, Kelfield, York, YO19 6RG, UK
    The Dovecote Barns Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: York, UK, Self Catering reviewsThe Bill: £190 per night

    A stay at Dovecote Barns offers a unique and comfortable insight into country living. Situated near York, in the centre of the picturesque and historic Yorkshire, you’re spoilt by the local views. Staying here you get a real feel of the Yorkshire lifestyle, while staying in a luxury self-catering barn.

    This stay is for those looking for a relaxing, peaceful break. You can stroll through miles of countryside, or take a walk down the medieval streets of a city steeped in history. Or simply spend your time in the barn. However, if you want to do some shopping, you're only 10 minutes away from the designer outlet village.

    “The Barns have been lovingly restored to a high standard.”

    They have a few different barns, but we stayed in the ‘Hay Barn’, the largest of the barns. The layout of the Hay Barn is upside down. Meaning the bedrooms are on the ground floor, and the open plan kitchen and living area is upstairs. This feels a little unusual at first, but becomes the norm in no time at all. The barn is very spacious, you have plenty of room to prepare food in the kitchen, and has a definite warm homely feel.

    The interior is decorated for comfort and authenticity. There are huge, comfy leather sofas, and a rustic dining table. Great for entertaining the whole family in banquet style, or lounging around in comfort. All the furnishing and utensils are finished to a high standard, and the barns have been restored to a high standard.

    The barns are on an active family run farm. So there is a genuine farmhouse feel throughout, and the occasional farm yard noise is nothing out of the ordinary.

    There aren’t any additional facilities included. You’re paying for a ‘home from home’ experience, a golden opportunity to escape the bustle of a busy city and catch up on some relaxation. If this is the kind of stay you’re looking for, Dovecote Barns can provide it and you will not be disappointed.

    Photos courtesy of The Dovecote Barns
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    Service: 9reviews of The Dovecote BarnsLocation: 8The Dovecote Barns reviewsValue: 8The Dovecote BarnsStyle: 9The Dovecote Barns reviewQuality: 8
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