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Sushi SORA, Tokyo

2-1-1 Nihonbashi, Muromachi, Tokyo 103-8328, Japan
Sushi SORA Review
5 Star Rating
5 January 2013Sushi SORA
Tags: Tokyo, Japan, Sushi reviewsThe Bill: £150 per head

There are good restaurants and there are bad restaurants, there are restaurants with divine food, restaurants with divine views and there are even feel good restaurants that offer an electric atmosphere. Then there are restaurants like Sushi SORA; restaurants which are sort out and not fallen upon, placed few and far between, restaurants that provide more than a place to eat, a place to view and a place absorb. Sushi SORA provides the ultimate dining experience; a club in the sky that provides you a seat at the top table, the top table being the chef's table. A table that puts the chef on stage and you right at the heart of the audience.

Ultimately you will dine and you will indulge, but your menu will be handcrafted by the sushi chef right before your very eyes. The chef is Yuji Imaizumi, a master of Tokyo’s authentic “Edo-mae” style of traditional sushi cuisine.

"Sushi SORA provides the ultimate dining experience."

As exclusive as Sushi SORA appears it doesn't possess an obnoxious, flamboyant quality. The decor is simple and crisp which ensures all your attention is on the chef's stage and the surrounding views. The restaurant itself only possesses eight seats which can be used as a private dining area for you and your friends. However, couples and associates can feel assured that if sharing the room with other diners that there is ample space and freedom to feel the intimacy that this restaurant holds dear.

After a delicate glass of champagne to refresh the pallet the theatrics begin and we hungrily watched the chef prepare an appetiser of Blanched organic vegetables. The fascination of watching your items being crafted doesn't seem to get old throughout the many courses and may we suggest that the experience at Sushi SORA comes alive due to Yuji Imaizumi's engaging but not consuming personality; not only were we fed some perfectly crafted sushi, but we were also treated to some fascinating stories of Tokyo and how the Mandarin Oriental's produce is sourced.

As one would expect, the fresh fish is purchased daily by the chef from the renowned Tjsiku fish market. When we embark on our Premium Nigiri Sushi course, this instantly becomes apparent. The ten types of tuna, each more tantalising than the next, are of optimum quality the flavour is light, and oh so more-ish, and tempted into shape by hand. The food is ever flowing, but in bite size portions to ensure appetite remains. We also sampled Makimono Rolled Sushi and essence of the sea, a clear soup. Our dining experience came to a refreshing end with seasonal fruits and with the final sip of our Japanese Rice wine the curtain closes on an exceptional evening.

Photos courtesy of Sushi SORA
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