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Nadaman - Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

1-8-3 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8283, Japan
Nadaman - Shangri-La Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
6 January 2013Nadaman - Shangri-La Hotel
Tags: Tokyo, Japan, Sushi reviewsThe Bill: £75 per head

Part of the Shangri-La in Tokyo, the Nadaman is a fine dining establishment serving traditional Japanese cuisine with an elegant and contemporary twist. The Nadaman restaurant group has been serving Japanese classics to diners since 1830 and has always succeeded in delighting its guests.

The interior of the restaurant reflects the contemporary cuisine served in the restaurant. With a stylish and modern Japanese design, the furnishings and theme of the room were elegant and inviting. There was a clean but abstract feel to the design, reminiscent of the Japanese ingredients served within the restaurant.

“These dishes perfectly reflected their Japanese heritage and reflected the contemporary feel within Tokyo itself.”

As we looked over our tasting menu we enjoyed the views that the high altitude restaurant commands over Tokyo. This set the tone for a lovely evening and left us with high expectations and the anticipation of a relaxing dining experience.

The menu itself was non-descriptive but it did promise a large selection of sushi including a sushi appetiser, sashimi and tempura. These dishes were brought out quickly and were followed by a beef tenderloin dish. Each dish was well-prepared and thoroughly enjoyable, particularly the beef tenderloin which was cooked with precision.

Following our beef tenderloin we were presented with four more pieces of sushi, and then on to the miso soup and a choice of dessert. Once again, these dishes perfectly reflected their Japanese heritage and reflected the contemporary feel within Tokyo itself. Every dish was beautifully presented and served with a smile by the restaurant staff. Overall, we had a very pleasurable experience.

Photos courtesy of Nadaman - Shangri-La Hotel
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