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Tokonoma, Sydney

44 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Tokonoma Review
4 Star Rating
14 July 2015TokonomaTags: Sydney, Australia, Japanese reviewsThe Bill: £73 per head

Tokonoma can be found in the heart Sydney's financial district. Created by the founders of Toko, Tokonoma is a spacious and nicely designed restaurant with warm and welcoming service. The food at Tokonoma can only be described as exquisite, each dish delivered to our table was incredibly fresh and full of flavour. We cannot fault Tokonoma, with the faultless service, exquisite food and innovative dishes it's a must try.

Whilst browsing the menu we ordered Edamame with Smoked Line Salt, and ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012. We settled on a full bodied wine with some strong notes. To begin we ordered White Miso Soup, with Spring Onion and Tofu. The Miso was simple but rewarding. We also ordered the Honey Bug Nigiri, with Sushi with Foie Gras, Truffle, Soy Jelly, Spicy Tuna Maki Sushi, Sriracha Mayonnaise, Takuan, and Tenkasu. I can only describe this as a journey through a wide range of impressive flavours.

"Exquisite food delivered with faultless service."

Moving on we ordered the Black Cod Robata with Saikyo Miso, Pickled Ginger and Hoba Leaf. The presentation of the Cod was outstanding, words cannot describe how delicious this was. We also ordered the Lamb Cutlets with Spiced Miso, served with Pickled Eggplant. Again, as soon as my partner had the first mouthful the flavours really came alive. This is Japanese cuisine at its finest, and it really does need to be sampled to be appreciated.

Their dessert menu offered several tempting dishes we would have loved to have tried. We decided to sample a Green Tea Frozen Yoghurt, with Mochi and Strawberries. The Green Tea was subtle but apparent, it's a flavour that works well with yoghurt. We also ordered the Soy Milk Pannacotta, with Tropical Fruits and Black Sesame. I'd describe this dessert as delectable. I strongly urge you to experience Tokonoma if you’re visiting Sydney, we had a wonderful experience.

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