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    The Rook, Sydney

    56-58 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    The Rook Review
    4 Star Rating
    4 June 2015The Rook
    Tags: Sydney, Australia, Casual reviewsThe Bill: Ł53 per head

    The Rook in Sydney is a rooftop cocktail bar, where drinks and lobsters go hand in hand. They take their cocktails very seriously, and have a wide selection to choose from. The surroundings are smart but casual, there is a fun vibe, and it’s a great place to hangout with friends or or work colleagues.

    We couldn’t visit without sampling a few of their cocktails. We started with a ‘Down the Rabbi Hole’, which is mixed with Beefeater Gin, Blood Orange Liqueur, White Cacao, Lemon, and Cardamom. A nice cocktail, the citrus is subtle and the gin has a good kick. We also ordered a ‘Dom Hemingway’, mixed with Broker’s Gin, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Lime, Sloe Gin, Bendictine, and Worcester. This was an interesting drink, very refreshing.

    Next up we ordered a ‘The Franciscan’, made with Hennessey VS Cognac, Lemon, Yellow Charteuse, Amaro Montenegro. Another interesting blend, but very enjoyable. Finally we ordered a ‘Pride of Skye’, with Talisker Whisky, Rhubarb, Chamomile, and Lemon. Rhubarb and chamomile makes for a wonderful flavour, very palatable.

    “It’s easy to see why The Rook is well known for their lobster dishes.”

    To begin we ordered Lobster Lettuce Cups to share. They were well presented, and the lobster was superb. We also ordered Lobster for main courses, I had a Lobster dish with Salad and Truffle Fries. Which again, was delicious. My partner had the Lobster with Citrus Vinaigrette. The Lobster dishes were absolutely divine, if you like Lobster you are going to be spoilt at The Rook.

    We shared a Fig and Ricotta Semifreddo for dessert. It was served with Honeycomb, Fresh Figs, Almonds, and a Balsamic Glaze, a great end to an enjoyable evening of dining. We finished off a bottle of Ampel Pinot Noir, Tamar Valley, TAS, 2013 throughout the evening. It’s easy to see why The Rook is well known for their lobster dishes, they were superb and incredibly tasty.

    Photos courtesy of The Rook
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