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The Governors Table, Sydney

Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
The Governors Table Review
5 Star Rating
5 July 2015The Governors TableTags: Sydney, Australia, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £87 per head

The Governors Table can be found inside Australia's first Government House at the Museum of Sydney, The Governors Table is a restaurant with a wealth of history and more than a few talking points. The decor is very modern in design, yet retaining some of the design elements native to the building and period of build. A feature we found interesting were the 29 large pillars. They were built in homage to the areas native roots, with each pillar representing one of the 29 Aboriginal clans from Sydney.

The walls are dressed with interesting pieces of art and hanging artefacts, we found ourselves being intrigued by several pieces. The restaurant itself is very intimate. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, and we were looked after very well throughout the evening. The food didn't disappoint either, and this is a table we would happily return to.

"This is a table certainly worth visiting."

We started the evening with two fine glasses of Duval Leroy as an aperitif whilst browsing the menu.

To begin I ordered the Roast Cauliflower and Chana Dhal with Roti. Which I can only describe as culinary perfection. My partner had the Fried Sydney School Prawns with Lime Aioli, another delicious dish and a stunning start to the evening.

For our main courses we ordered the Rib Eye Steak with Anchovy and Rosemany Wood. I specified exactly how I like my steak cooked, and it indeed it was delivered as specified. The anchovy and rosemary bring a wonderful blend of flavours to the dish, I enjoyed every mouthful. My partner ordered the Grilled Nolans T-Bone 500g steak with Béarnaise sauce. Another perfectly cooked steak, a wonderful cut and incredibly juicy. We added sides of Roast Pumpkin, Pecans, and Oregano Roast Sebago Potatoes with Garlic and Thyme. They season their dishes wonderfully, each dish was full of flavour.

Throughout the evening we shared a bottle of Oakridge 'Local Vineyard Series', Cabernet Sauvignon, Yarra valley, 2012. Finishing up with a shared dessert of Pavlova with Lemon Curd and Strawberries to share. It was a splendid end to an evening of very enjoyable dining. We can't speak highly enough of The Governors Table, it’s well worth going out of your way to experience an evening here.

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