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    Sepia Restaurant, Sydney Review

    201 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    Sepia Restaurant Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Sydney, Australia, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £87 per head

    Sepia can be found near Darling Harbour in Sydney, Sepia is fine dining restaurant drawing inspiration from Japan. We enjoyed their fabulous tasting menu, every dish was impeccable, the presentation was outstanding, and the flavours were simply divine. The service was on point, overall a faultless evening.

    Our first dish was Sashimi of Yellow Fin Tuna, with Jamon Iberico Cream, Avocado, Baby Radish, Ponzu and Pork Crackling. Paired with Umenoyado ‘Gin’ Jumai-Ginjo, Nihonshu, Nara, Japan. a superb beginning to our tasting journey, the Yellow Fin was superb.

    For our second dish we were served Pine Mushrooms, with Fried Potato, Poached Quail Egg, and Roasted Chicken Powder. This dish was paired with a glass of Jamsheed, Roussanne, Beechworth, Australia, 2013, which complimented the mushrooms perfectly.

    Our third offering was King Crab. The dish looks spectacular, and came with Dashimaki Tamago, Egg Rice, Kabosu, Blood Plum, Hiijki, and Wild Wood Sorrel. Paired with A & M Quenard ‘Les Eboulis du Mort Granier’, Jacquere, Les Abymes, Savoie, France, 2013. The Crab was incredibly fresh and full of flavour.

    “Impeccable flavours and presentation with each and every dish.”

    Our next dish was Charcoal Grilled Black Lip Abalone. Prepared with Yuzu, Dashi Sabayon, Heart of Palm, and Roasted Chicken Skin. Paired with Grace, Koshu, Katsunuma, Japan, 2012. An interesting wine with some delicate floral notes, but again a perfect pairing with the dish.

    Our fifth dish was the Scampi with Tasmanian Black Truffle. Paired with Phesant’s Tears Rose, Taveri, Kartli, Georgia, 2013. Another perfectly executed dish with impresive presentation.

    Moving on to our sixth dish we were served David Blackmore Wagyu Karubi. Served with Hot Miso Mustard, Japanese Pickles, and Ice Plant. A divine collection of flavours, the Wagyu was perfectly tender and flavoursome. It was paired with Suertes del Marques ‘El Esquilon’, Listan Negro, Valle de la Orotave, Spain, 2012.

    Our final course was Seared Mandagery Creek Venison, with Sansho Pepper, Roasted Japanese Pumpkin, Miso, Artichoke. We were more than happy to finish with Venison, it was seared and finished beautifully. The pumpkin brought a lovely flavour to the dish, very enjoyable. We had a glass of Ashton Hills Vineyard, Sparkling Shiraz, Clare Valley, Australia, 2008 which was the perfect marriage of food and wine.

    After seven sensational courses we couldn’t manage dessert. We left more than impressed with the flavours and presentation of each and every dish. A wonderful experience.

    Photos courtesy of Sepia Restaurant
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