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Hilton Sydney

488 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Hilton Sydney Review
4 Star Rating
1 June 2014Hilton SydneyTags: Sydney, Australia, City reviewsThe Bill: £210 per night

Hilton Sydney is located in the heart of Sydney's busy financial district, itís a great location if you're looking to explore Sydney and hit some of the local shops during your stay. The hotel is popular with both business and leisure travellers, and has services to cater for all. It's around 30 minutes from the Sydney airport.

The hotel is huge, and well equipped to accommodate on a large scale. We experienced one of their executive rooms on the 36th floor. The room itself was a little on the small side, we did struggle to move around the room once our two large suitcases were open. However, for the business traveller travelling light I can see how the space would be more suitable.

The room was well presented but very simple, it included a small sofa and glass desk. The bathroom was separated by frosted glass and had a super shower. The design and decor was simple and clean. There was a sense of quality to everything in the room, and throughout the rest of the hotel.

"Overall we had a delightful experience, the location is great."

Those who book into an executive room have the privilege of enjoying the executive lounge, a large lounge offering complimentary soft drinks and coffee throughout the day, along with afternoon tea served in the afternoon. It's a pleasant space to enjoy during the day and ideal for those looking to work. However, during the evening they offer complimentary spirits, wine, beer along with canapťs, cheeses and salads. The lounge is overcrowded during these periods and the mood changes to a more fun one, so it's less enjoyable if youíre looking for a quite space to relax.

If you're looking to start off your evening with a couple of drinks you may want to check out the Zeta Bar or the Marble Bar instead. The hotel offers valet parking, which is always a welcome service in such a busy city. Overall we had a delightful experience, the location is great, and the service is friendly, although perhaps more suited to the corporate traveller than those looking for a luxurious break.

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