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    Blue Barn Doors, Sussex

    Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 6JY, UK
    Blue Barn Doors Review
    4 Star Rating
    28 August 2013Blue Barn Doors
    Tags: Sussex, UK, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £140 per night

    Blue Door Barns is no ordinary “Bed & Breakfast”. Located close to Lewes and many other tourist spots in Sussex, Bryony and Emma have succeeded in creating a wonderful escape from our speedy pace of life. From the start, they are eager to do all they can do to look after you and help you relax and unwind. Their passion for all that they do clearly shines through, and they are constantly thinking of new ideas to make your experience there more enjoyable.

    We were met with a friendly and warm greeting from our hosts, and escorted to the Blue Door Barns, where we were shown into a very pretty room. The Nook, originally part of a cart barn and, later, Bloomsbury Circle member Quentin Bell’s art studio, has been lovingly converted to a very high standard. With beautiful decor and rustic shabby chic furniture, which even extends into the shower room, this is a great suite. Each of the four barns has their own unique character, and each is equally stunning.

    "I couldn’t resist indulging in a therapeutic massage"

    Outside each of the rooms, there is a table and chairs – perfect to relax and enjoy the peace and ambience of this rural area of Sussex. There is also the communal candle-lit courtyard, where you can share breakfast, a barbecue, drinks, or just a good time with friends, around a large table. If blessed with good weather, you could even be fooled into thinking that you’re in the South of France.

    To complete the weekend of relaxation, I couldn’t resist indulging in a therapeutic massage. There are several therapies and treatments on offer, and I chose the aromatherapy massage. The setting was conducive to feeling pampered, in front of a cosy log fire in the drawing room of the main house, Susie made sure that I came out feeling totally de-stressed and ready to take on another busy week. I would recommend this to anyone that would like to slow down for a while, and loose all their tensions; and who wouldn’t?

    We chose to have our breakfast in the drawing room, rather than in our room. The decor and interesting furniture pieces, together with the crackling real fire in the ornate fireplace and background music, all made for the perfect setting in which to enjoy our meal.

    Being confronted with so many tempting choices for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, it wasn’t easy to make up our minds. Over the two days, we chose the Vegetarian Full English Breakfasts, the Heuvos Rancheros, and the “Why Miss Jones”.

    Our meals were served with fresh breads and preserves, with all ingredients being locally sourced. The vegetarian breakfast consisted of vegetarian sausages, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and a poached egg, and was all very tasty. The Huevos Rancheros consisted of a poached egg served upon a tortilla spread with a spicy tomato and pepper blend – not too spicy, just right for a breakfast.

    I was intrigued to know why “Why Miss Jones” had been so named, and was told that the hosts ask people for recommendations, so that they can provide an even more varied menu. Apparently Miss Jones was the winner with her breakfast recommendation. The freshly prepared avocado, together with the poached egg on toast is a perfect combination of flavours - making for an ideal alternative to your “Full English”.

    We would definitely choose to stay here again, at the very least, we still have all the other breakfasts to try.

    Photos courtesy of Blue Barn Doors
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