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    Mulberry Restaurant, Surrey Review

    Langshott Horley, Surrey, RH6 9LN, UK
    Mulberry Restaurant Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Surrey, UK, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £55 per person

    The Mulberry Restaurant is situated inside the Langshott Manor hotel in Surrey. The building is a country house hotel in the finest English tradition, and the restaurant does it proud.

    We were shown through to the lounge for pre-dinner drinks. I enquired about the choice of lagers, and was recommended the local organic Blonde lager from Horsham. This was an excellent choice, very light and easy to drink. My guest ordered a bottle of London pride to start, and a glass of Ladera Verde Merlot from Chile to accompany the meal.

    Our waiter escorted us through to the restaurant, which was built at the end of the 20th century, again in keeping with the original property. The leaded windows all around the restaurant overlook the beautiful gardens.

    Our meal began with a fine selection of freshly prepared bread rolls and canapés which included a pureed garlic dip and a butternut squash mousse, a great light start to the meal. Our waiter then presented us with the menu showing a large selection of meat, fish and vegetarian options.

    “Mulberry Restaurant at Langshott Manor is in the finest English tradition.”

    One of the dishes was a “64 degree hen’s egg.” We were informed by our waiter that the egg is poached in water at this temperature to produce a silky centre within, too good to resist!

    We had the egg and Jerusalem Artichoke soup to start. Both were well presented and delicious on the palate. The egg especially, as it was beautifully presented with celeriac, chestnut and hay. Another great experience.

    Main consisted of sprouting broccoli, bulgar wheat, almonds and chive and Seared Fillet of Sea bass. Both were delicate but flavoursome at the same time. The almonds and chive conspired to bring an earthy but sharp taste to the mouth, which was a delight. The fish was light, meaty and fell apart in the mouth, a great main course.

    We couldn’t resist sampling from the large selection of desserts. We chose the vanilla Crème Brulee which came with a delicious homemade shortbread and dark chocolate and pistachio torte with sorbet and jelly, which was a very artistic and tasty end to the meal.

    The meal, surroundings, service and entire experience was positive. We would definitely visit again.

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    Photos courtesy of Mulberry Restaurant
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