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Brooklands Hotel, Surrey

Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL, UK
Brooklands Hotel Review
5 Star Rating
8 August 2012Brooklands Hotel
Tags: Surrey, UK, Spa reviewsThe Bill: £340 per night

The Brooklands Hotel is a modern venue sited on one of the oldest motor racing tracks in the world. The location is great if you want to enjoy the Brooklands circuit and not too bad if you donít. Itís a short distance from the M25, between Byfleet and Weybridge.

Brooklands is a 4-star hotel that could be 5. We said that last time and we say it again. The exterior is modern, with lots of concrete and glass, but attractive. The inside is just as modern, with light colours, polished floors, uniformed staff and a feeling of quiet competence throughout.

The reception is huge, with a double height ceiling and plenty of space. Wood sculptures hang from the ceiling and the lighting gives a real welcome, even on a sunny day.

We were lucky enough to secure a Panoramic Suite again, which enjoy amazing views of the surround area from a balcony that offers 180 degrees of uninterrupted vista around the hotel. Itís a great selling point and in sunny weather is worth the price alone.

ďThe standards at Brooklands Hotel are just as high as ever.Ē

The large suite had a large king size bed, seating area with sofa and chairs, glass desk, coffee table, a pair of large LCD TVs and all the rest you would expect. The space is impressive and certainly larger than many other accommodations that call themselves suites.

The feeling of space is welcome and the large windows and great views offers a light, airy atmosphere that makes a sunny day in Surrey a lovely experience.

The bed was lovely and comfortable, just like last time. The firm mattress and pillows were ideal, the linen was crisp and clean and gave us a very comfortable nightsí sleep. The bathroom was impressive too, with a large bath, walk-in shower and plenty of products. The large sink, nice mirror and fluffy towels made getting ready a breeze.

We enjoyed our stay last time and we are happy to report we did this time round too. Itís always nice to revisit somewhere, but there is an element of trepidation in case the standards have slipped since. We are happy that the standards at Brooklands Hotel are just as high as ever. We would be happy to come back again.

Photos courtesy of Brooklands Hotel
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