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Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47, Sweden
Berns Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
19 August 2014Berns HotelTags: Stockholm, Sweden, City reviewsThe Bill: £340 per night

Berns Hotel is perfectly positioned right in the very heart of Stockholm, within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants, and of course, the attractive older part of town. The building is grand and impressive from the outside, and the interior doesn’t disappoint, with a particularly splendid main entrance hall with stunning chandeliers – this is also the location for breakfast, and makes you feel as if you have somehow stepped into the opening scene of “La Traviata”.

We had a little poke around while we were there, and from the big nightclub for concerts, parties and weddings, to intimate and quirky meeting rooms, the range of options for events was impressive.

"Berns has big hotel luxury with boutique hotel charm"

Berns Hotel has been the venue for some exciting, and from our 21st century vantage point, historic, gigs, with the likes of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix amongst artists who have played there. Rhianna is just one of many popular modern artists who have featured in recent times. You’ll probably realise from this that the Bern puts on regular large and perhaps noisy events, so, it you are looking for a quiet stay and will be there over the weekend, ask for a room at the back on the fourth or fifth floor, away from the ground floor nightclub. Although the downside is that lower floor front rooms can be noisy at times, the upside is, of course, that you can enjoy a great time dancing the night away or enjoying a show, and then crawl up to your room in the wee small hours when you’ve had enough!

Rooms are charming; clean, stylish and comfortable. In particular, there was good lighting – something many hotels fall short on. Our bed was like floating on a cloud, we slept so well, we felt like asking to buy it and take it home with us! We also loved the ample supply of big fluffy towels, and the comfort of very easily adjusted heating.

We had opted in advance for the spectacular Clock Tower Suite, which is on two levels and actually located behind the face of the hotel clock. It was expensive, but well worth it, and we particularly loved the photographic prints by some famous photographers which decorated the room. For the art lover, there is a gallery in the hotel with a revolving exhibit featuring large art works and photography, reflecting the interests of the owners.

Although there is no need to eat in Berns, we enjoyed breakfast in the entrance hall, it can only be described as sumptuous. We found some great little cafes and bars within just a minute or two of Berns, and this was a great plus point - we can't emphasise enough what an excellent location this is.

Staff can make or break even the most beautiful hotel, and the employees at the Berns were to a man and woman helpful and charming. Altogether then Berns is a hotel which is in a fantastic location distinctive, beautiful, comfortable and welcoming - what more could you ask?

Photos courtesy of Berns Hotel
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