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    The Pizzeria, St. Moritz Review

    Via Veglia 18, 7500 St. Moritz, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Switzerland
    The Pizzeria Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: St. Moritz, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, Switzerland, Modern European reviewsThe Bill: £82 per head

    Located within the opulent confines of the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, The Pizzeria is yet another culinary gem that defies its modest title. More than just a pizzeria, this restaurant is a testament to culinary artistry, and authenticity, offering an unforgettable dining experience that resonates with both taste and aesthetics.

    The Pizzeria pays homage to this heritage, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair. The interior, a harmonious marriage of wood, low level lighting, and tasteful furnishings, exudes warmth and elegance. With panoramic windows that offer breathtaking views of the picturesque St. Moritz landscape, guests are treated to a visual feast even before their culinary journey begins.

    Upon arrival, the alluring aroma of the wood-fired oven entices you, creating a sensory anticipation that sets the stage for what's to come. The wood-fired oven is not just a cooking apparatus but a guardian of tradition, infusing each dish with a distinct smokiness and flavour that pays homage to the roots of Italian cuisine.

    “The Pizzeria is a celebration of Italian cuisine's heart and soul, brought to life amid the grandeur of the Swiss Alps.”

    The attentive service at The Pizzeria is nothing short of impressive. From the moment you step through the doors, the staff's dedication to ensuring a memorable dining experience is palpable. The waitstaff's knowledge of the menu, wine pairings, and the culinary philosophy behind each dish is remarkable, adding a layer of education to our visit.

    As we embarked on our culinary adventure, we began with carefully crafted cocktails that primed our palates. A classic Champagne cocktail exuded sophistication, while a gimlet, with its balanced blend of flavours, was a refreshing choice.

    Our starters spoke volumes about the culinary finesse of The Pizzeria. The Carnaroli Risotto, adorned with Castelmagno cheese and black summer truffle, was a symphony of rich, earthy flavours that danced harmoniously on the palate. The Spaghetti Carbonara was a testament to simplicity done well, with the Guanciale bacon, Pecorino cheese, and egg yolk forming a harmonious trio of taste and texture.

    For the main course, I opted for the Whole Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass with Salmoriglio sauce. The delicate Bass was elevated by the herbaceous notes of the Salmoriglio sauce, a nod to the coastal cuisines of the Mediterranean. My partner's choice, the Roasted Turbot with cherry tomatoes, Taggia olives, potatoes, and Prosecco sauce, offered a symphony of flavours that celebrated both land and sea.

    Our wine of choice, a 2016 Louis Bovard Dezaley Rouge Grand Cru 'Grande Cuvée,' elevated the meal further, showcasing the restaurant's commitment to enhancing the dining experience through thoughtful combinations.

    Dessert was a fitting crescendo to our evening. The Cappuccino Crème Brûlée was a whimsical twist on a classic, infusing the beloved dessert with the comforting essence of a cappuccino. Meanwhile, the Sorbet with Limoncello transported us to the sun-soaked Amalfi Coast, offering a zesty and invigorating conclusion to our feast.

    The Pizzeria at the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz is a testament to the art of dining. From its rich historical connections to its authentic culinary offerings, impressive service, and elegant ambiance, the restaurant is an experience that lingers in memory. Beyond its name, The Pizzeria is a celebration of Italian cuisine's heart and soul, brought to life amid the grandeur of the Swiss Alps.

    Photos courtesy of The Pizzeria

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