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Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains, St. Moritz

Via Mezdi 27, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland
Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains Review
5 Star Rating
25 January 2015Kempinski Grand Hôtel des BainsTags: St. Moritz, Switzerland, Resort reviewsThe Bill: £650 per night

The Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains in St. Moritz is one of the most impressive looking hotels in the area. As you approach it's impossible not to be taken back by the huge white facade, with a breathtaking mountain backdrop.

It's in a superb location. If you're in St. Moritz to ski then you're right at the foot of the St. Moritz skiing area, just looking up at the spiralling snowy mountains is enough to get any skiing enthusiast excited. There are also cross-country hiking and biking trails, mountain cable cars, and stunning Engadin scenery for as far as the eye can see.

As we drove along the driveway and approached the hotel we were greeted and escorted inside, whilst our car was valet parked. The check-in was swift, and we were shown to our suite in a matter of minutes. We stayed in the Spa Suite, which was classic in design and had a separate living area and bedroom. There was a huge open wardrobe in the entrance hall, and the grand appearance and feeling we had from the outside is carried on inside.

"It's a huge resort, there was plenty to do and we loved every minute."

Our suite also had a terrace which offered stunning views over the mountains. I really cannot speak highly enough of the location, I cannot think of many places in the world I have seen such spectacular views. Although there is a very traditional feeling about the hotel, you have all the facilities you could possibly want.

The hotel is more of a resort than a traditional hotel. It has a large spa, indoor pool, gym, and four restaurants. You can browse the different cuisines at the Les Saisons and Enoteca to find something to suit your taste, there is certainly a lot to keep you entertained during your stay, if you're here to ski, then you can hire all the equipment you need from the hotel.

Our stay at the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains was a thoroughly enjoyable one. It's a huge resort, there was plenty to do and we loved every minute.

Photos courtesy of Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains
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