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    The Pig - in the wall, Southampton Review

    8 Western Esplanade, Southampton, SO14 2AZ, UK
    The Pig - in the wall Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Southampton, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £125 per night

    Located in the heart of Southampton's historic harbour the Pig in the Wall hotel is a stay that incorporates the life of the city encapsulated by a hearty rural elegance. It's a rare gem that sets itself aside from the more mainstream and dated hotels that Southampton has to offer. The surroundings of the hotel date back to the 1300's and being just a stones throw from the ocean the hotel provides a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.

    On approaching the Pig in the Wall hotel for the first time we were encouraged by the immaculately restored exterior, it could almost be mistaken for an upmarket country pub displaying all the characteristics of a grand old house having been restored. However the comforting thing was that much of the originality of the building still seems to be in tact. On entering the hotel we found ourselves in an Edwardian style parlour know as the Deli. Complete with armchairs fully restored to their original style. The rustic chandeliers, lovingly worn sofas and solid pine wood tables are also in keeping with the inviting period atmosphere. Staff were only too happy to greet and welcome us so our first impressions of the Pig in the Wall were positive ones.

    "The Pig in the Wall hotel is a stay that incorporates the life of the city encapsulated by a hearty rural elegance"

    We took one of the 12 roomed hotels more 'spacious' rooms. The first thing that we noticed was the characteristic high ceilings, they give the room a charming openness that one would expect from an older building. There was space enough to boast a large and comfortable bed along with an authentic roll topped bath. This was situated in the bedroom itself and made a pleasant but quirky aspect to the room.

    The love of good food and better sleep is abundant at the Pig in the Wall, we even found the room to be stocked with a treasure trove of snacks, perfect for midnight munching. The mini bar provides locally produced organic juices as well as a wide variety of intriguing independent brands which are more than worthy of a try. Everything at the hotel and deli seems well thought out with superb attention to detail. A pleasant atmosphere, charming interiors and warm service make the Pig in the Wall hotel a top choice when it comes to planning your Hampshire retreat.

    Photos courtesy of The Pig - in the wall

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