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    Restaurant Scintilla, Sorrento Review

    Via Cocumella, 7, 80065 Sant'Agnello, Italy
    Restaurant Scintilla Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Sorrento, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £58 per head

    Restaurant Scintilla can be found located inside the Grand Hotel Cocumella in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. During a recent stay at the hotel, we decided to dine at this restaurant, which offers an array of Mediterranean dishes with many being locally sourced.

    The restaurant itself offers both indoor and outdoor dining options. We visited in the colder months of the year, so decided to remain indoors; however we can see that the outdoor terrace would be the perfect option on a sunny, warm summers day. The terrace is also very romantic in the evening time as it is candlelit and boasts a wonderful atmosphere.

    To being our evening at Restaurant Scintilla we decided to indulge in an aperitif. I went for their Mediterranean Negroni, which saw gin mare, punt e mes, bitter Campari and oyster leaf. My partner chose their French Negroni, which saw gin n.209, Martini Chianto, bitter Campari, homemade titter and ginger rosemary. Both cocktails were expertly made and a real joy to experience.

    “We had a lovely evening with great food, great drinks and faultless service.”

    For our starters, I went for the porcini mushroom rigatoni pasta, which was served with bergamot-scented langoustine and was complete with flavours of coffee and lovage. The delicate flavours of this dish were rather interesting. My partner chose the pecorino cenerino risotto with citrus venus clams and truffle. The richness of the truffle was a real delight paired with the freshness of the citrus clams.

    For my main course, I opted for the turbot, which was served with foie gras, beluga lentils and potato lemon balm scented foam. Visually, this was a stunning dish and it certainly tasted as good as it looked. My partner went for the wild catch, which was sea bass, served with caprese salad, beurre blanc and juzu. Again, it was a delicious dish.

    For our desserts, my partner chose the classic yet wonderful tiramisu, and I went for the selection of sorbet, including vanilla, strawberry and lemon. We also chose a bottle of the 2005 Marchesi de Frescobaldi, Castello di Nipozzano, Montesodi Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy to accompany our meal, which went down very nicely indeed.

    Overall, we were very impressed with Restaurant Scintilla. We had a lovely evening with great food, great drinks and faultless service. It comes recommended by us as a great restaurant to experience in Sorrento even if you're not staying at Grand Hotel Cocumella.

    Photos courtesy of Restaurant Scintilla

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